Decolonisation & Visioning A Better Future: The Limits of an Imperial Gaze with Mama D - Workshop + Talk

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Decolonisation & Visioning a Better Future: The Limits of an Imperial Gaze With Mama D - Workshop + Talk

Video with Mama D Ujuaje on Thursday 4th June 2020

How do we move beyond an imperial gaze in order to envision a better future?

The significant way in which humans speak concerning vision naturally reflects the extent to which our brains process reality through our visual cortex.

We say ‘seeing is believing’ and we speak of ‘our mind’s eye’ as a way of knowing that supersedes any other aspect of our assessing our reality. This has not been the way for all beings along the course of history and the decolonial is partly an act of sensual recovery.

How has this shaped how we have interacted with our sense-filled world and what difference does this make to how we can anticipate the kind of future which feels fair and just for all of humanity as we go forward together into the future.

Mama D takes us on an excursion through how we gain or shut off access to justice through a gaze more imperial than honest and which, if we cannot embrace the natural diversity the planet offers to us, it will appear that our current reality has become a hard-wired telling-vision of our collective destruction.

It is a call to become open and vulnerable to our state of under-developed sensory being as a way of feeling our way towards full consciousness.

Mama D Ujuaje #

Mama D is a co-curator of ‘The Food and Otherworldly Sensory Journeys’ and a natural and life-long learning facilitator through plant whispering and embracing the mysteries of the primordial.

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