Transformative Women Leaders, with Vandana Shiva & Leila Billing

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Transformative Women Leaders, With Vandana Shiva & Leila Billing

Video with Vandana Shiva, Leila Billing on Wednesday 5th October 2022

This session rounds out the first part of the course: this week we ask, who are the women leaders among us who are building new forms of cultural power? In a world where the various spaces we inhabit are desperately in need of new voices and ways of leadership, how are these transformative women leaders uprooting long-held, dominant ideas of power, growth, building, and what are they allowing to take root instead?

This is a snippet of the recording from Week 3. To watch other snippets that we’ve made publicly available, check out this playlist on YouTube here.

Vandana Shiva #

Globally well-known intellectual and activist, Vandana Shiva has shown ongoing commitment in different fields, making it difficult to label her name under a precise and unique category. At the core of her activism there are: counter-development in favour of people-centered, participatory processes; support to grassroots networks; women rights and ecology. Author of numerous important books and articles, Vandana Shiva has shown a lifetime interest in campaigning against genetic engineering and the negative impact of globalisation, advocating for the crucial importance of preserving and celebrating biodiversity.

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Leila Billing #

Leila Billing is a gender and development consultant and co-founder of We Are Feminist Leaders. She has held leadership roles in a range of international NGOs, including War Child UK and Girls Not Brides: The Global Partnership to End Child Marriage. She is also passionate about championing anti-racism initiatives. She has a Masters Degree in Gender and Development Studies from the Institute of Development Studies.

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