Transformative Collectives & Movements, with Cinzia Arruzza & Ayisha Siddiqa

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Transformative Collectives & Movements, With Cinzia Arruzza & Ayisha Siddiqa

Video with Ayisha Siddiqa, Cinzia Arruzza on Wednesday 12th October 2022

Women’s collectives and movements play an essential role in enabling women to exercise power, support each other and transform society. What can we learn from historical and present day women’s movements? How do we build powerful collectives, keeping in mind the importance and difficulty of intersectionality? Considering the imbalances of power among women geographically and historically and the consequent tensions, how can we overcome them to build global solidarities and interconnected women’s movements?

This is a snippet of the recording from Week 4. To watch other snippets that we’ve made publicly available, check out this playlist on YouTube here.

Ayisha Siddiqa #

Ayisha Siddiqa is a Pakistani Climate justice advocate. She is a co-founder of Polluters Out and the Executive Director of Student Affairs at Fossil Free University. On Sept 20th, 2019 she helped mobilize and lead over 300,000 students onto the streets of Manhattan demanding their governments take climate action. Her advocacy focuses on climate justice and racial justice for BIPOC.

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Cinzia Arruzza #

Cinzia Arruzza is Associate Professor of Philosophy at The New School for Social Research and author numerous publications including Feminism for the 99%: A Manifesto.

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