The New Economy & Systemic Transformation (Part One of The Regenerative Activism Series, 2020)

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The New Economy & Systemic Transformation (Part One of the Regenerative Activism Series, 2020)

Video with Gita Parihar, Ulex Project, Ann Pettifor & 2 more on Thursday 4th June 2020

Part One of The Regenerative Activism Series. How do we respond to the challenges of our time for deep change at every level?

The patterns and symptoms are clear enough: The once looming collision with non-negotiable ecological limits is now here; the previously indomitable expansion of neoliberalism has stalled; the confluence of post-democracy and big data threatens a shocking political impotence; nationalist populism turns against international solidarity. These are symptoms of a profound dysfunctionality.

Beneath the symptoms lie the mutually interdependent conditions of socio-economic structures, needs, mindsets and world-views - that together entrench the failing system. The deep change we need involves transformative strategies that address both structure and consciousness.

Participants: Ann Pettifor (Green New Deal), Shaun Chamberlin (Fleming Policy Centre, Transition Network & Dark Optimisim), Fran Boait (Positive Money).
Moderated by Ruby Reed (Advaya & EcoResolution)

Ann Pettifor, an architect of the Green New Deal says, “We can choose to survive. But in order to survive, everything must change. Everything”. This is the scale of the challenge that new economic thinking and radical collective action needs to face. The structure of our economic system, driving both environmental destruction and social fragmentation, needs a radical overhaul. This panel brings together activists and thinkers who are facing the scale of that challenge. Each of them is developing inspiring approaches to systemic transformation, asking deep questions about the assumptions and beliefs that drive the system and the specific structural changes that are needed.

This event is part one of the four-part Regenerative Activism Series by Advaya & Ulex Project

Gita Parihar #

Gita was Head of Legal at Friends of the Earth until July 2016 and has spent 12 years working with and for campaigning organisations, using her skills as a solicitor to bring environmental cases and advise at international negotiations on issues like climate change. This gives her a deep familiarity with the rewards and challenges of environmental activism. Alongside her legal work, Gita is passionate about exploring approaches to saving the planet that sustain us as human beings. Gita is a trustee of the UKYCC and the Climate Justice Fund and currently studying for an MA in Spirituality and Ecology at Schumacher college.

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Ulex Project #

A hub of collaboration, the Ulex Project is run by Col·lectiu Eco-Actiu, a non-profit involved in the design and delivery of residential training since 2008.

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Ann Pettifor #

Ann Pettifor is a political economist, author and public speaker on the global financial & economic system, on money, monetary policy (in particular interest rates), and on the UK economy.

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Shaun Chamberlin #

Shaun explores the dominant cultural stories and ‘myths’ that chart the course for our society and, in particular, how we might change direction before we end up where we are headed.

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Fran Boait #

Fran is standing to become the next Labour MP for Gloucester and is Executive Director of Positive Money, a non-profit think tank, which campaigns for systemic change of the money and banking system to support a fair, sustainable, and democratic economy.

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