Sophie Strand & Andreas Weber: Risking New Shapes, Queering Biology, Becoming Good Soil

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Sophie Strand & Andreas Weber: Risking New Shapes, Queering Biology, Becoming Good Soil

Video with Sophie Strand, Andreas Weber on Wednesday 5th October 2022

Why do we invite relational entanglements with the world around us? What is an Ecological Eros, and what does it mean to queer, to eroticise, to make ecologically intregrous, love? How is death, within an ecological frame, a transition?

In this Facebook live session hosted by advaya, we dive into the world of matter and desire, and rewilding mythologies, with writers Sophie Strand and Andreas Weber, curators of our upcoming courses Rewilding Mythology and Ecology of Love, respectively. Purchase the bundle ticket (available on the ticketing page of either website) for 30% off the total cost of both tickets, and get access to both courses this fall.

Sophie Strand #

Sophie is a writer based in the Hudson Valley who focuses on the intersection of spirituality, storytelling, & ecology. But it would probably be more authentic to call her a neo-troubadour animist with a propensity to spin yarns that inevitably turn into love stories. Her first book of essays The Flowering Wand: Lunar Kings, Lichenized Lovers, Transpecies Magicians, and Rhizomatic Harpists Heal the Masculine is forthcoming in 2022. She is currently researching a mythopoetic exploration of ecology and queerness in the medieval legend of Tristan and Isolde.

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Andreas Weber #

Andreas is a Berlin based author & independent scholar. He has degrees in Marine Biology & Cultural Studies, having collaborated with theoretical biologist Francisco Varela in Paris. Andreas’ work is focusing on a re-evaluation of our understanding of the living. He is proposing to understand organisms as subjects & hence the biosphere as a meaning-creating & poetic reality. Andreas is the author of Enlivenment. Toward a Poetics for the Anthropocene, & Sharing Life: The Ecopolitics of Reciprocity.

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