Rituals and Expression, with Pat McCabe & Ebyän Zanini Chimba

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Rituals and Expression, With Pat McCabe & Ebyän Zanini Chimba

Video with Pat McCabe, Eby Chimba on Wednesday 2nd November 2022

Whether it’s protest, poetry, dance or rites of passage, rituals inform all aspects of women’s lives, creating space for healing ancestral wounds, restoring, reconciling, and expanding the feminine, celebration and exercises of personal and collective power. We will explore practices, rituals and forms of expression and their historical roots, delving into the Indigenous sciences of Thriving Life, African-Centered Wisdom Traditions, earth-based spiritual traditions, and more, hearing from women across generations and cultures.

This is a snippet of the recording from Week 7. To watch other snippets that we’ve made publicly available, check out this playlist on YouTube here.

Pat McCabe #

Woman Stands Shining (Pat McCabe), a northern New Mexico-based mother of five.

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Eby Chimba #

Ebyän is a Nubian-Italian speaker, activist, and multidisciplinary artist. She weaves worlds through her writing, dance, and storytelling pieces that inspire, heal, and revolutionize. Ebyän abides by the wisdom written in rock, wood, water, and in our hearts, reclaiming the animist spirituality of her ancestral heritage.

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