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Rerooting Relationship, With Sabine Lichtenfels

Video with Sabine Lichtenfels on Wednesday 26th October 2022

Do we as individuals have the power of peace? What is meant as women power in this process? What is needed to create a movement, which is stronger than all violence will and can have success? What to do in this challenging time. So we know and have a vision of a healed planet earth and a humanity which left the pattern of war? Is it true: Where there is love there can not be war? How does a society look like, where we in live in peace with the earth and all her beings.

This is a snippet of the recording from Week 6. To watch other snippets that we’ve made publicly available, check out this playlist on YouTube here.

Sabine Lichtenfels #

Sabine Lichtenfels is a freelance theologian, author, and co-founder of Tamera and the GRACE Initiative for a Future without War. Her spectrum of knowledge and activity includes international peace work, community building, spiritual research, and developing a new female consciousness and reconciliation of the sexes. With her comprehensive knowledge and radical commitment, she is an ambassadress for a global perspective of peace.

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