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Pat McCabe on Prayer & Right Relationship

Video with Pat McCabe on Wednesday 17th June 2020

An 8 minute clip of an EcoResolution interview with Pat McCabe on prayer and the practice of coming into right relationship.

Modern world says you are always meant to be in control and if you arent then you did not prepare well enough. Hopefully by now we can see that this system is set up in a way so that it is almost impossible for the vast majority to meet their needs in a truly thriving and natural way. But we have not failed, we have just given our consent to a system that has not allowed us to be a child of this mother earth.

So what happens when we come to the end of our own resource? We fall against the mystery door and possibilities are revealed that allow us to live our life in a powerful way - that open up a way to live in deeper relationship.

There are ways to cultivate this place of mystery. Go out in the morning. There are gestures that we have been doing for thousands of years. Gestures that are recognised by the holy hoop of life. Create space to truly have a conversation and ask how you can help serve light, life and love.

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Woman Stands Shining (Pat McCabe), a northern New Mexico-based mother of five.

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