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Kara Moses: Radical Wellbeing

Video with Kara Moses on Tuesday 12th February 2019

This talk was given at Radical Wellbeing, a collaboration between Network for Wellbeing and Advaya on 12 February 2019

About Kara Moses: Rewilding facilitator, writer and activist
Kara Moses is a facilitator of all kinds of rewilding – landscapes, people, and society – offering experiential, educational courses in nature connection, spiritual ecology and skills for social change. She teaches and facilitates on short courses and Masters programs at the Centre for Alternative Technology, Schumacher College, the Ecodharma centre, Hawkwood College and St Ethelburga’s Centre for Reconciliation & Peace, where she is an Associate Fellow. She is Vice Chair of the Wales Wild Land Foundation, which is currently focused on rewilding land in mid Wales with the Cambrian Wildwood project. As a grassroots activist she has spent much of the last few years fighting the fossil fuel industry with Reclaim the Power and Plane Stupid, and as a freelance writer she contributes regularly to Resurgence and Ecologist magazine among others. She lives in an off-grid housing co-op in a core wilderness area in mid Wales with three dogs and five humans.

About the event:
We are living in rapidly changing times. How can we take radical action to better care for the world, while also caring for ourselves?

An event by Network of Wellbeing (NOW) and Advaya Initiative in partnership with Action for Happiness with an inspiring panel of changemakers. Together we explored what mindfulness, wellbeing and happiness have to do with changing the world.

Asad Rehman (War on Want)
Shamash Alidina (Museum of Happiness)
Alex Nunn (Action for Happiness)
Kara Moses (Rewild Everything)
Paula Haddock (Mindfulness for Social Change)

In today’s world, we are learning more about what can help us to create truly thriving lives and societies, and many people and projects are working towards more positive visions of the future. Yet alongside this, there are so many social, political and environmental challenges facing us that it can feel overwhelming. It can be hard not to become frustrated, demotivated and hopeless.

Through the evening we will ask:

  • How can we sustain our activism in the long term?
  • How can we maintain the strength to confront the problems of the world, and build new ways of doing things that are better for people and planet?
  • What role do practices and topics such as mindfulness, wellbeing and happiness have to do with activism and changing the world?

Kara Moses #

Rewilding facilitator, writer and activist

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