HANNAH CLOSE: World as Archipelago, Thinking & Kinning with Islands

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HANNAH CLOSE: World as Archipelago, Thinking & Kinning With Islands

Video with Hannah Close on Friday 16th December 2022

“There have been loads of different metaphors used to try and describe the inherent unity of human civilisation across the planet. And they’ve all been quite well-meaning, but they haven’t quite covered various different bases that I think are really important to cover, when it comes to looking at the ways in which we are interconnected. So the “world is archipelago” metaphor, for me at least, is a way of seeing our interconnected nature in a different, more complex and more nuanced way, than other metaphors might allow us to see.”

In this winding, non-linear, continent-crossing conversation with advaya, Hannah Close discusses archipelagic thinking, what islands can teach us about belonging, identity, community, borders, thresholds and more, connection-in-separation, osmosis and globalisation, and other thoughts that went into the curation of the upcoming online course, KINSHIP: World as Archipelago.

This conversation was held ahead of advaya’s upcoming course KINSHIP, which Hannah Close curated and will be hosting: find out more and register for the multi-teacher, six-week course starting 31st January 2023, here https://www.kinship-course.com/

Hannah Close #

Hannah is a curator, writer, and photographer. She is a curator for Advaya, and is studying Engaged Ecology at Schumacher College. She formerly founded the Experimental Thought Co, a thought community that hosted events on culture change, during which time she curated the Human Nature series. Hannah enjoys hiking and spending time with the ocean. More via hannahlclose.com.

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