Flourishing Diversity Listening Session with the Bishnoi @ ZSL

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Flourishing Diversity Listening Session With the Bishnoi @ ZSL

Video with Flourishing Diversity on Thursday 24th October 2019

This is a highlight from a listening session with our friends at Flourishing Diversity. Listeners are: Dominic Jermey (ZSL); Tanya Steele (WWF); Devika Waney Mokhtarzadeh and Judith Waney (Savitri Trust); HRH Princess Esmerelda of Belgium. Host: Liz Hosken (Gaia Foundation)

This is a listening session from our friends at Flourishing Diversity

Originating 500 years ago in the fragile Rajasthani Dessert, the Bishnoi are followers of the 29 principles for environmentally sustainable communities as laid out by their founder Guru Jambheshwar.

By following these simple principles, individuals deepen their own level of consciousness, simultaneously creating a peaceful community life and harmony with nature.

In the 18th century 363 Bishnoi were killed embracing trees that were to be cut down, which is where the term ‘tree-hugging’ originates.

Flourishing Diversity #

At the heart of Flourishing Diversity is the understanding that life on earth is possible because of biological and cultural diversity, where each part is equally vital to the whole. Every species, every behaviour, every tradition and every relationship contributes to the continuous emergence of the diversity of life. This intricate interplay animates and assures the ecosystems upon which all life depends.

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