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Advaya Initiative is growing and we are looking for people to support our editorial, video and events-based content. There are currently three roles available: Social Media & Marketing; Campaigns, Editorial & Research; and Film & Video.

We are developing the online content around our chosen campaigns to become a key resource for video, articles and podcasts. Your creative input will take this to the next level and you will have the chance to grow in tandem with the organisation.

What Are they?#

These are two very hands-on and exciting roles where you will have the opportunity to grow and learn through doing. Through the role you will develop a deeper understanding of the wag an ecological startup works, and have the opportunity to experience new ways of working in a dynamic, young and exciting organisation. You will be a highly valued member of our team.

Available Roles

advaya social media

Social Media & Marketing #

Corporate Social media content, marketing materials and information books#

Role includes the research and creation of daily social media posts on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, graphic design, event promotion & photography, creating films of the events and information booklets for each event theme. We welcome you to use your initiative and have your own ideas for the direction of the organization in terms of our marketing and social media content.

Skills Required: Graphic design (filers, posters, information booklets), event photography (and editing), copy-writing and research, social media savvy (Instagram, Facebook and Twitter).

We Use: Squarespace, Eventbrite, MailOhimp, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Photoshop/Adobe Suite

event research volunteer advaya

Campaigns, Editorial & Research #

Online editorial content, campaigns and event research#

Role includes writing articles and content for the website, researching interviews, research around campaigns and event themes, creating write-ups of the events and copy for the website. We welcome you to use your initiative and have your own ideas for the direction of the organization and our editorial content.

Skills required: Writing, research and editing (articles, interviews, commentary, copywriting (website, events), event and campaign research, knowledge of the political and environmental landscape, or a desire to learn about this.

We use: Squarespace, Eventbrite, MailChimp, Photoshop/Adobe Suite, Instagram, Facebook & Twitter

Questions & Answers

Who is it For? #

Ideally, you will have a particular interest in the environment, the natural world, and ways we can live in harmony with this. You will be keen to learn and raise awareness about injustices in current political, environmental and social systems. You might already consider yourself an activist or desire to become involved in social change. You will have an interest in your own wellbeing and the wellbeing of those around you, and you will be aware of how your choices impact the planet. We welcome applicants who are also studying or working part-time alongside this position.

Logistics #

Your weekly hours will be agreed at the beginning of each month, and you will mostly work with us in person one day a week, but remotely on the second day. Re are very flexible here, so let us know if a different arrangement is preferable. We will be careful to ensure that you don't work outside your allotted hours, but an adaptable schedule is always helpful, as we occasionally need to be able to change our schedules at short notice. We are keen to make the internship as beneficial to you as possible.

Other Roles #

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