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Advaya is growing and we are looking for people to join our team! See opportunities below.

Advaya is a global platform for transformative education. Run by a collective of women, we create learning programmes with the leading minds of our time to shift perspectives and transform how we relate to each other and the world around us.

Advaya is now at a turning point, in autumn 2022 we will be launching a new integrated learning platform and membership structure to enable people to engage with transformative education on a deeper and more consistent basis.

Who are we looking for?#

We are looking for people to fill the role of: a digital marketing manager to lead and implement the launch strategy in order for us to create the most impact and reach our sales targets.

We are a small team with a big vision and our team members must be able to work confidently on their own, to be collaborative, proactive and productive! See below for the more detailed job description, and apply if this sounds like you.

Available Roles


Digital Marketing Manager #

We are looking for an experienced sales and digital marketing professional who wants to join a purpose-driven start-up.#

We are looking for a digital marketing manager to lead and implement the launch strategy in order for us to create the most impact and reach our sales targets. Advaya is reliant on the ticket sales of its many events and courses and so it would be the responsibility of this role to oversee effective marketing and ad campaigns.

Read the full job description here:–sales-manager-at-advaya
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Questions & Answers

What do we offer? #

Remote, flexible working - we only ask you are available on Mondays so we can have a full team meeting. Relaxed team environment with a genuinely lovely team. Access to all of Advaya’s events and courses. Team get-togethers.

What are our core values? #

We value Community: Advaya means ‘one’ in Sanskrit. Community and collaboration are at the centre of what we do and who we are. We value Multiplicity: The world is complex, multifaceted, non-dualistic. We don’t try to hide that, Advaya digs deeper into complex issues through deeper thinking and transformative education. We don’t look for answers, but explore ideas and perspectives with curiosity. We believe that contrasting truths and experiences can, and should, coexist. We value Joy: We believe change will happen when enough people are empowered and united. Through transformative education we believe the world can be a more joyful and considerate place. We value the power of the imagination: We connect as a community through a shared vision of the future. Through transformative education Advaya shines a light on topics that ignite the imagination and a more meaningful way of being.

Other #

Advaya would like the role to be: creative, fulfilling, stimulating, nourishing, inspiring, fun, interesting. As a team we create a regenerative working culture that respects boundaries, encourages each other to nurture themselves in all parts of their lives and has awareness of cultivating good mental wellbeing and happiness. We are at a pivotal point in advaya’s journey - we are excited to be expanding the team and would like everyone who works with advaya to have a strong sense of direction, purpose and belonging. We work collaboratively and appreciate the energy and love that is put into the organisation. Advaya does not participate in cancel culture. We strive not to polarise or be reductionist in the way we communicate. We aim to celebrate the beauty of life and of humanity whilst highlighting all the incredible ways we can evolve. We explore ways of being that enable ourselves, others and the natural living world to be happier and healthier. We are about the deeper responses to the challenges of our time and see the health of the planet and health of people as two sides of the same coin.

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