Team — Advaya


Advaya was founded in 2015 when two sisters, Christabel Reed and Ruby Reed, came together to create a community of learning around ecology, community and wellbeing..

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Christabel Reed #

Christabel is on a mission to link inner transformation with social change and empower people to embark on the entwined journey of inner and outer healing.

In 2015 Christabel and her sister Ruby founded Advaya, the London-based system change initiative that organises around the principles of radical regeneration and joyful revolution. Since then they have launched a media platform called EarthSpace and organised over 150 events including full day immersions, panel discussions, retreats, pilgrimages, circles and festivals. In 2019 she founded the educational initiative EcoResolution with Cara Delevingne that aims to empower people all over the world to step up rather than shut down in the face of our ecological and climate emergency. During this time Christabel joined Extinction Rebellion and the Regenerative Culture Team supporting the creation of the first Rebel Sanctuary during the April rebellion and overseeing their proliferation in the October Rebellion. Christabel continues to support XR through organising donation-based retreats with Sara Zaltash and Ruby Reed.

Behind the more outward facing work is a deep commitment and passion for meditation and Yoga. In 2017 Christabel completed her Masters with first class honours in the Traditions of Yoga & Meditation. Her thesis on the Bhagavad Gita as an ecological treatise and guide on how we can come to act in the world has provided the framework for her approach to life today. In 2019 Christabel completed her four year Yoga Therapy training with Colin Dunsmuir. The work she does on a 1-1 basis with clients is the microcosm to the more macrocosm work of EcoResolution & Advaya.

Christabel has a passion for justice and an unerring fascination for how we can establish harmony where disharmony has occurred and free ourselves from whatever is inhibiting our inherent peace and power.

Ruby Reed

Ruby Reed #

Ruby is an curator, connector, catalyst and organiser inspired by communities coming together to create change and fascinated with how we can recentre our relationship with nature into our perception of life as a whole.

Ruby co-founded the systems change and alternative education initiative Advaya in 2015 and since then has been on a journey organising almost 200 events bringing people together around transformative narratives of empowerment and regeneration. In 2019 she co-founded the educational platform EcoResolution linking grassroots networks and movements with a new audience keen to step up in the face of ecological breakdown and social injustice. She is a Trustee of Resurgence Trust, Director and co-founder of the new charity Initiative Earth and part of Be The Earth’s flow funding network that’s radicalising top-down funding. Ruby is also the Curator for educational content for Medicine Festival and part of Extinction Rebellion’s Regenerative Culture Team, where she helped to create and proliferate Rebel Sanctuaries during the rebellions, and created XR Rebel Retreats with Sara Zaltash and Christabel Reed.

Ruby previously worked with art collectors and completed two MA degrees at Edinburgh University, La Universidad Autónoma de Madrid and the Courtauld Institute in London. She occasionally facilitates workshops, speaks at festivals and events, and less frequently writes for websites and magazines. She is trilingual and has lived with and learnt from different cultures around the world. Ruby is a freediver passionate about the ocean and hopes to see a world where the health of our oceans take a central place in policy and change.

Ruby is also a yoga therapist and has been teaching yoga since 2015. She specialises in the therapeutic application of yoga and an approach specifically designed to an individual’s needs. She is interested in the potential held in the moment we return to and connect with the body and an expanded sense of self.