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Introducing Advaya Talks: Podcast

Article with Dr David Luke, Pat McCabe, Martin Shaw & 10 more on Tuesday 19th October 2021

Join us to explore the connections between inner transformation and outer change. The narratives we meet here empower and inspire, as we hear stories of beautiful transformation, resistance and renewal for people and planet.

Advaya Talks Podcast – Linking inner transformation and outer change.

Welcome to Advaya Talks - a collection of recordings from some of our favourite events and gatherings.

Advaya is a global platform for transformative education that explores what it means to be alive today. Looking at how we relate to the world around us we connect ecology, spirituality and community to inspire inner transformation for outer change.

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Dr David Luke #

Dr David Luke is a Senior Lecturer for Psychology in the Department of Psychology, Social Work & Counselling at the University of Greenwich.

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Pat McCabe #

Woman Stands Shining (Pat McCabe), a northern New Mexico-based mother of five.

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Martin Shaw #

Martin Shaw is a mythologist and storyteller. Dr Shaw lived under canvas for four years exploring tiny pockets of the English countryside - claiming to have walked out of this century altogether.

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Helena Norberg-Hodge #

Helena Norberg-Hodge is a pioneer of the local economy movement. Through writing and public lectures, she has been promoting an economics of personal, social and ecological well-being for four decades.

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Dr Rupert Sheldrake #

Dr Rupert Sheldrake is a biologist and author of more than 85 technical papers and twelve books, including Science and Spiritual Practices.

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Satish Kumar #

A former monk and long-term peace and environment activist, Satish Kumar has been quietly setting the Global Agenda for change for over 50 years.

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Jason Hickel #

Dr. Jason Hickel is an anthropologist, author, and a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts. He has taught at the London School of Economics, the University of Virginia, and Goldsmiths, University of London, where he convenes the MA in Anthropology and Cultural Politics.

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Dr Sharon Blackie #

Dr Sharon Blackie is an award-winning writer of fiction and nonfiction, a psychologist who has specialised both in neuroscience and narrative, and a mythologist with a specialisation in Celtic Studies.

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Toni Spencer #

Toni Spencer works with questions of deep ecology, resilience and ‘a politics of wonder’.

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Bayo Akomolafe #

Bayo Akomolafe (PhD) is Chief Curator and Executive Director of The Emergence Network.

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Rob Hopkins #

Rob Hopkins is a cofounder of Transition Town Totnes and Transition Network, and the author of The Transition Handbook, The Transition Companion, The Power of Just Doing Stuff, 21 Stories of Transition and most recently, From What Is to What If: unleashing the power of imagination to create the future we want.

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Jane Davidson #

Jane Davidson is the author of #futuregen: Lessons from a Small Country, the story of why Wales was the first country in the world to introduce legislation to protect future generations.

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Gillian Burke #

Gillian Burke is a natural history television programme producer and voiceover artist, and has been a co-presenter of the BBC nature series Springwatch since 2017.

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