Horoscopes for Healing: Monday 7th December to Sunday 13th December 2020

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Horoscopes for Healing: Monday 7th December to Sunday 13th December 2020

Article with Beloved Sara Zaltash on Monday 7th December 2020

Horoscopes for Healing are written by Beloved Sara Zaltash, an artist, astrologer and spiritual practitioner with roots in performance, activism and emergent spiritual and interfaith communities. These weekly forecasts and 13-word horoscopes are written for Advaya’s supporters so that the guidance of the stars may empower all those who are dedicating their lives to transformation and renewal. IG: @belovedsarazaltash. For readings and healings, go to belovedsarazaltash.com

horoscopes for healing

Monday 7th December - Sunday 13th December 2020

How well is the Sagittarian Sun preparing you, dear Advayan devotee, to launch your visionary healing purpose? How’s your aim? How’s your nerve? How’s your stamina? A new era commences at Winter Solstice with the Great Conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn in Aquarius, so take courage from the intensity of your desire for a better world, and persist. Our week begins with Luna at her third quarter in Virgo, enabling us to be methodical, humane and efficient while clearing out those stale old thoughts, feelings and characteristics that have completed their cycle of service to our interpersonal unfolding. Careful of being overly critical of yourself and others as you cluster the detritus of a life passionately loved into neat piles of recycling. Pettiness and pedantry have the potential to point a crooked finger at unhealed psychic wounds in the collective unconscious, aggravating cycles of abuse that are distinctly feminine in their toxicity. While the temptation to send inflammatory messages is indeed aligned with revolutionary urges, wise Advayans will remember that a scorched Earth bears little future and that self-reliance begins with caution and respectful boundaries.

Natural laws that govern mirrors will not bend to your defiance. Admit brokenheartedness.

Possession, like all forms of love, becomes a vice when denied true purpose.

Lonely, delusional and burdened by injustice is a tough look to pull off.

Noble attempts are being made to love you. Comfort emergent shadows. Kiss frogs.

Your human heart pumps two-thousand gallons of blood each day, setting commendable precedent.

Extinguish a lethal armoury of let-downs and put-downs with your fail-safe analytical skills.

Wincing at intense emotions may cause damage to more than superficialities. Yield graciously.

Confusing acceptance with weakness undermines your interpersonal potency. Trust intuition; timely deaths abound.

Optimistic scavenger shows enthusiasm for broken things, discerns lost causes from messy starts.

Exiles knock at the door. Prepare to be called away from your work.

A basket woven with willow is stronger than one made from wind. Ready?

Be creative with everything apart from the truth. Break abusive cycles. No secrets.

Beloved Sara Zaltash #

Beloved Sara Zaltash is an artist evolving reality and a non-denominational minister for a world in crisis.

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