Horoscopes for Healing: Thursday 26th November - Wednesday 2nd December 2020

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Horoscopes for Healing: Thursday 26th November - Wednesday 2nd December 2020

Article with Beloved Sara Zaltash on Wednesday 25th November 2020

Horoscopes for Healing are written by Beloved Sara Zaltash, an artist, astrologer and spiritual practitioner with roots in performance, activism and emergent spiritual and interfaith communities. These weekly forecasts and 13-word horoscopes are written for Advaya’s supporters so that the guidance of the stars may empower all those who are dedicating their lives to transformation and renewal. IG: @belovedsarazaltash For readings and healings, go to belovedsarazaltash.com

horoscopes for healing

Thursday 26th November - Wednesday 2nd December 2020

There are no victors here. If you are prepared to change curiously, to adapt with integrity, to honour in public that which you have privately slandered for your own gain, to atone by intuitive gestures of reciprocity within your own communities, then, with luck, you will receive the benefits of the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Gemini on Monday 30th November, just as chill-prickled hairs receive the settling dust of an explosive nocturnal wreckage. Expect the process of assimilating new thoughts, new directions and new possibilities to unfold over the next 18 years, and surrender egoistic fantasies of projected personal gains. Instead, offer blessings to the subtle bodies of your grandchildren’s grandchildren, with a supplementary prayer that they will play peacefully with the progeny of those who you now mistakenly call enemies. The Sun in Sagittarius conjunct the South Node brings the burden of righteousness into sharp focus - are you so fixed in your ideologies that you are destroying your own wellbeing? Strategic Athena holds her cool in disciplined Capricorn while squaring impulsive Mars in Aries, reminding us that our first duty to one another is to play fair.

Excess energy is wisely stored as kindness to others. Honourable deeds incinerate stale promises.

Intend to grow quickly, keeping pace with your rising value to planetary evolution.

Announce changes as questions, pronouncing distortions until new language creates a new world.

Abandon outdated etiquette. Receive sensory experiences as you would receive honoured guests: peacefully.

Dancing with the soul of the world? Remember: toes break; humans have rights.

Enable atypical awareness of emotional intensity to catalyse a new era of interdependence.

Mists clear to reveal shadier planes. Fertilize opportunities with grace by embracing messiness.

Tendencies toward obsession forge alliances with passion and creativity. Value your courageous darkness.

Broad-mindedness portends versatility - wisdom admits: time to stop barking up that particular tree.

Articulate mechanical details of exactly what you stand for by wrestling with intensity.

Prestige is not a doing-word, not like love, not yet. Soon Aquarius, soon.

When congeniality invents shabby life rafts, better to be counted among the lost.

Beloved Sara Zaltash #

Beloved Sara Zaltash is an artist evolving reality and a non-denominational minister for a world in crisis.

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