Horoscopes for Healing: 19th November - 25th November 2020

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Horoscopes for Healing: 19th November - 25th November 2020

Article with Beloved Sara Zaltash on Thursday 19th November 2020

Horoscopes for Healing are written by Beloved Sara Zaltash, an artist, astrologer and spiritual practitioner with roots in performance, activism and emergent spiritual and interfaith communities. These weekly forecasts and 13-word horoscopes are written for Advaya’s supporters so that the guidance of the stars may empower all those who are dedicating their lives to transformation and renewal. IG: @belovedsarazaltash For readings and healings, go to belovedsarazaltash.com

horoscopes for healing

Thursday 19th November - Wednesday 25th November 2020

Point your arrows, brave soul: you are to be met. By what? By the ultimate and exacting reciprocity of perfect healing. By hands that have sifted through sticky shifting sands to find fertile seeds that have been hiding down in the dank dark desires of the underworld. By the light of a boundless Sagittarian phoenix rising from the peat bog ashes of everything that intense Scorpio season hauled to the compost heap. The Sun’s ingress into Sagittarius on Saturday 21st November will form a square to the Moon moving through eccentric Aquarius, enabling our innate rebelliousness to turn over humanitarian wild cards that we may have been carrying close to our chests since March 2019. Emotional idealism is empathetically fluffed up by pleasure seeking Venus entering Scorpio’s intuitive depths, while territorial Ceres in Pisces swells with visionary nurturance. Remember: patience also evolves.


Propelled by enthusiasm, instinct and truth, surrender to pleasurably unleashing your innate power.


What started with a hiss, then erupted revelation, now resolves as chasm. Trust.


Shy babes are led astray by siren songs. Crawl curiously towards honest questions.


You’ve loved enough. Know when to tip your overflowing cup onto soggy ground.


Stealth, steadiness and silence are weapons, too. Avoid traps by refusing to engage.


Self-reliance is the first step. Follow sensory instructions to find safety in teams.


You’ve heard “calm before the storm”? What about after, betwixt and during storms?


Who knew you enjoyed transcendence as well as darker octaves? Rise, feral stranger.


Be born into the burden of life’s spark, which, never found, is lost.


With victory on kissing terms, strategic guidance sets sights on the New Year.


You, especially, are promised innovation by song whistling past our ears. Hatch plans.


Whether mirage or miracle, to reach that horizon you must remember your training.

Beloved Sara Zaltash #

Beloved Sara Zaltash is an artist evolving reality and a non-denominational minister for a world in crisis.

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