Horoscopes for Healing: Thursday 12th November - Wednesday 18th November 2020

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Horoscopes for Healing: Thursday 12th November - Wednesday 18th November 2020

Article with Beloved Sara Zaltash on Wednesday 11th November 2020

Horoscopes for Healing are written by Beloved Sara Zaltash, an artist, astrologer and spiritual practitioner with roots in performance, activism and emergent spiritual and interfaith communities. These weekly forecasts and 13-word horoscopes are written for Advaya’s supporters so that the guidance of the stars may empower all those who are dedicating their lives to transformation and renewal. IG: @belovedsarazaltash For readings and healings, go to belovedsarazaltash.com

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Thursday 12th November - Wednesday 18th November 2020

These are stunning stellar times, the third and penultimate crank of an explosive wheel that was set in motion in January 2020. The conclusion of a chapter is nearly, intimately, tenderly in hand; yet, there is still more to be set down before the darling buds of Spring may shoot. Leading up to the New Moon in the feisty, mycelium enriched marshlands of Scorpio on Saturday, we find all that is dear to our song and bones held by the grip of authority, discipline, strategy and faith. The fire that has been smouldering all summer is revived and roaring. Notice if there is a monkey on your back, applying pressure to balance the isolation of hermitude and with the hurricane brewing in your spine. To enable change to graciously unfold, lay old lessons down, empty secrets, be ready to be filled with new promises, new passions, new spells… but don’t expect it to be pretty, not yet. Ground intensity in desire - for love, for change, for growth, for healing - and trust in the long haul.

You’ve done enough, so accepting an embrace seals the deal absolutely. Remember passion.

Prepare to speak changes from your heart into this bold and shifting earth.

Keep asking questions. Once the smoke clears, Spring’s promise begins to reveal itself.

Water changes course upon impact with an undeniable force. Trust momentum, take shelter.

Who is driving, and do you enjoy being compelled by their driving forces?

Turning point with trusted ones - let balances tip towards tidiness; advocate orderly motivations.

Each colour, selected, poured into mixing pots, will create wild shades. Anticipate passion.

Just because you have power might mean that you may justly use it.

Treasure gathered from beneath each stone rewards the patience to leave none unturned.

What passes between hands will eventually be released. Remember your training; trust time.

Willfulness hisses intensely between cracks of oppressive external circumstances. Rest your voice; prepare.

You cannot catch a phantom with honest light alone. Darkness insists risk. Trust.

Beloved Sara Zaltash #

Beloved Sara Zaltash is an artist evolving reality and a non-denominational minister for a world in crisis.

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