Horoscopes for Healing: Thursday 1st October - Wednesday 7th October 2020

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Horoscopes for Healing: Thursday 1st October - Wednesday 7th October 2020

Article with Beloved Sara Zaltash on Thursday 1st October 2020

Horoscopes for Healing are written by Beloved Sara Zaltash, an artist, astrologer and spiritual practitioner with roots in performance, activism and emergent spiritual and interfaith communities. These weekly forecasts and 13-word horoscopes are written for Advaya’s supporters so that the guidance of the stars may empower all those who are dedicating their lives to transformation and renewal. IG: @belovedsarazaltash; For readings and healings, go to belovedsarazaltash.com

Aries Full Moon Beloved Sara Zaltash

Thursday 1st October - Wednesday 7th October 2020

The Full Moon in Aries provides a short window of opportunity to get feisty and furious when releasing the pressure that has been accumulating over our long strange summer. No achievement, no reward, no mountaintop is worth your misery - it’s time to remind yourself who is the boss of you (you, of course), even and especially if that means that you cannot blame anyone else for your situation. Mercury in Scorpio has a habit of whispering cruel slithering pillow talk into your dreams of renewal, when what you really need are comforting enchantments to chase the demons away. If you can find the self-love to play snake-charmer, you will bid good riddance to debilitating karmic patterns and send those demons back to where they belong. Between the wicked temptations to give yourself a hard time and fall back on destructive habits, a rugged less-travelled path is being broken into the body of our new Earth. Passionately mourn all that has been lost in order to embrace evolution tenderly, as you would nuzzle a hawthorn stem heavy with fruit. This week, hold your proud face out to the harsh light of responsibility, and let every grimace and squirm of recognition cast a fertile shade of grace over the tumbling promises of Autumn.

Kiln or incinerator - same actions, significantly opposed consequences. Fuel or foul, choose wisely.

Whatever remains after the crucible of Full Moon is your talisman until 2026.

Disowning shadows will never lead you to light, whichever direction the sun sets.

Protect eternal vows tearfully. Clinging to signposts won’t get you passed this crossroads.

It’s only experimental if you doubt your hypothesis; let some other cats fail.

Oh, now they want you, do they? Modesty becomes the maker of dreams.

People, people, people! For the love of love itself, seek out solitary silence.

Why is that a three-pronged barbed wire whip on your bedside table? Relent.

Whistling from hilltops may seem trite, until hawk returns your song. Aim high.

Early to the party? Remember to empty your portaloos before this final shitshow.

Where’s rooster? The one waking you up since early September… Seen fox lately?

Your gods are colluding to open up a unifying portal. Let them dance.

Beloved Sara Zaltash #

Beloved Sara Zaltash is an artist evolving reality and a non-denominational minister for a world in crisis.

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