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Kabir in the City

Article with Mohammed Zaahidur Rahman on Friday 19th October 2018

Poem by Mohammed Zaahidur Rahman

Kabir in the City Mohammed Zaahidur Rahman

Hate the town in the tube,
eat roots in Pret,
step grimy feet in Chelsea,
rattle your vegan tambourine,
shut your mandala blinds.

Dealing wisdom for pounds
and you’re angry.
Who ruined you?
Holy anger.

Exhuming the mound,
digging up, muddying profound
holy brown men,
the sweet elusive tap-root
of Eastern trends

(canonised in pamphlet),
chewing soil or gritty grains.

On smoggy days,
you learn to drown,
such strange minutes with
holy anger:

On pavements your breath
animates lights and traffic,
the ego lapses, laps like a tide;
reality congeals,
the buses sigh.

Alleyway moksha,
came and went,
the city is soulless,
who’s right, my friend?

Mohammed Zaahidur Rahman #

Mohammed Zaahidur Rahman is a Social Anthropology Undergraduate at SOAS University of London. He is from East London, is a fan of Flying Lotus and has an irrational phobia of crisps.

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