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Zoe Vokes

Though British by birth, Zoe left the UK when she was just 9 months old and grew up in Asia, living predominantly in The Philippines and Nepal.

Zoe Vokes

Living overseas exposed her to a variety of religious traditions and world-views, and enabled her to travel to places of extraordinary natural beauty which inspired a deep connection to the natural world early in life. These powerful experiences of awe have been a guiding source in her life ever since. Growing up on an Island Archipelago she developed a close connection to the sea, and has become increasingly interested in how we can care for and protect our Ocean world.

Zoe is deeply pained by the destruction being caused to the Earth, and is fully committed to contributing towards the protection and renewal of all life. She currently works as a consultant in the area of environmental philanthropy, and is exploring the importance of art as a vehicle to express some of the worlds most pressing environmental problems, whilst inspiring creativity and action.

Through her work, Zoe hopes to inspire others to establish a more loving relationship with the Earth – one that is founded in reverence, respect and reciprocity. She has always held a deep interest in Indigenous Worldview’s and believes we have a lot to learn from those who (sometimes miraculously) continue to live in harmony with nature.

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