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Steve Trent

Co-Founder & Executive Director, Environmental Justice Foundation. He has over 25 years of experience in environmental advocacy and has undertaken field research and undercover investigations, trained environmental advocates and led successful campaigns in over 30 countries, including Bangladesh, Brazil, Cambodia, Ecuador, Indonesia, Liberia, Sierra Leone, Thailand and Vietnam.

Steve Trent

Steve has pioneered EJF’s campaigns on ending environmental abuses and forced labour in cotton production, protecting human rights in seafood production, and reducing the impacts of toxic pesticides on people and wildlife. He has presented evidence to national governments, numerous intergovernmental organisations such as the European Union, World Bank and Interpol, along with multiple UN agencies. Steve also co-founded, and was President of WildAid where he managed programmes tackling illegal wildlife trade in China and India. Prior to this he was Campaigns Director at the Environmental Investigation Agency (EIA).

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