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May Mackeith

May has worked in grassroots activist groups for over a decade, with climate focused groups like Climate Camp, Plane Stupid and Reclaim the Power, and more recently on immigration issues with End Deportations.

May Mackeith

Experiencing burn-out first hand led her to recognise the importance of thinking about the long game of our activism, and she now facilitates with Ulex and Ecodharma working around this edge. These experiences helped her recognise the passion she has for connection with the natural world as a powerful source of strength, and that sharing this makes her feel alive! She co-founded the Natural Resilience Project in 2016, to work with migrant women in wild spaces in cities. Together they build resilience, paying close attention to what is happening around, inside and between them.

Many of the women she was working with have first hand experience of the hostile environment, and in March 2017 she took action with the ‘Stansted 15’ to halt a Home Office deportation charter flight. While the last year or so has been dominated by the trial process, she is finally back focusing on the work she loves!

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