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Matt Carmichael

Matt is a teacher, writer, homemaker and activist based in Leeds. After getting a degree in Theology from Durham Matt got involved with the Reclaim the Streets, Jubilee Debt and Roads protests of the 90s. Since then he has been campaigning on climate justice, including roles in 2 Climate Camps and a recent debate with the president of the NUM. He is a trustee of Tidal (an activist hub in Leeds) and a founder of Schumacher North, which seeks to understand our current ecological and social crises with a focus on the role of spirituality. In 2013 Matt created the Delta Course, an introduction to spirituality for people who are disillusioned with, or uninterested in, religion. His book ‘Spiritual Activism’, jointly authored with Alastair McIntosh was published in 2015.

Matt Carmichael Advaya

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