Mama D Ujuaje — Advaya


Mama D Ujuaje

Mama D is a co-curator of ‘The Food and Otherworldly Sensory Journeys’ and a natural and life-long learning facilitator through plant whispering and embracing the mysteries of the primordial.

Mama D Ujuaje

As a life-journey guide, Mama D works towards encouraging people of all descriptions to embrace agency in affirmatively reshaping our shared environments. She encourages considerate, mind-and-body-full and wholistic living through the use of a range of enjoyable, reflective, engaging and sometimes disruptive experiences. Transformation, Mama D feels, requires at least momentary detachment!

Mama D has worked in different physical environments, learning from all the elements that nourish and now realise that there is still more digesting to do. Food is such a good metaphor! She is a Food and other Social Justices advocate and organiser, writer and mediator.

Mama D works at soil-soul level where the grass roots are to be found. She supports the navigation of our relationships within the context of the ordinary extraordinary and using the me-ness of us-ness to bring Ubuntu irrationalities into our exchanges. She loved you before we came here and will after we are long gone.

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