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Makgathi Mokwena

Makgathi Mokwena is a Rites of Passage Ceremonialist, Healer, Arts Therapist, Yoga Teacher, Performer, Personal Development Facilitator and Companion.

Makgathi Mokwena

My work largely (but not exclusively) centres on personal development, and references the self within the context of a larger team/community/system. The paradigm I hold is appreciative and strength-based, where I believe that all human beings are oriented towards, and have the capacity to grow and better themselves. Drawing on this inner space of personal excellence can directly contribute towards organisational excellence and achievement. I make use of rigorous self-inquiry and reflection as tools for understanding and appreciation oneself, in order to serve self, others and organisation. Meaning and purpose (or the search thereof) form a cornerstone of this framework.

I work within the NGO as well as corporate sectors. My work in the NGO sector focuses on personal and interpersonal leadership development, which is intended towards the improvement of self and society. The main beneficiary groups are mainly, but not exclusively women, and young people. My offering in this respect has the primary intention of reconnecting individuals with themselves, with their dream, and with the inner energy necessary to pursue and achieve that dream.

My employment in the corporate sector extends to facilitation on programmes such as Executive Development Programmes, Emerging Leadership Development Programmes, Women in Leadership, Train the Trainer on a number of programmes, Leadership Presence, Unconscious Bias, Race Dialogues, Exploring Culture and Cultural Appreciation, Self-Storying in Stillness Retreats, Mentorship Training Programmes, Business Presentation Skills, various Diversity Training Programmes, and Having Crucial Conversations, all conducted with clients representing various levels of government, the private sector, academia and civil society.

Experiences include the administration, report-writing and feedback-giving of psychometric assessments such as the Bar-On EQ assessment, 360 assessments, Cognitive Personality Profile, Assessment Centres, and Personality Type Indicator Assessments.

I also hold ceremony and facilitate ritual to help individuals journey through various life passages such as marriage, the scattering of ashes, birthdays and other rites which mark important transitions in a person’s life.

The methodology I draw on is integrative in nature, and incorporates emotional, embodiment, spiritual and mental intelligences. Various Expressive Arts modalities may be integrated in the work, in service of building an experiential learning milieu. I have experience in the use of Open Space, Time to Think, World Café, Industrial Theatre, and Forum Theatre.

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