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Laurence Cox

Laurence Cox has written extensively on social movements, notably working-class community activism and global justice struggles.

Laurence Cox

In my main field of social movement research, I have written extensively on engaged and participatory approaches to movement research, on Marxism and social movement studies, on ecology movements, on European traditions of theorising movements and on social movements in Ireland, notably working-class community activism and global justice struggles. I have published Why Social Movements Matter; We Make Our Own History: Marxism, Social Movements and the Twilight of Neoliberalism; Voices of 1968: Documents from the Global North; Understanding European Movements: New Social Movements, Global Justice Struggles, Anti-Austerity Protest; Marxism and Social Movements; Silence Would be Treason: Last Writings of Ken Saro-Wiwa and many journal articles, book chapters and other pieces.

I co-founded the practitioner-oriented journal Interface; co-founded the Council for European Studies’ social movements research network; co-edit a new Pluto Press series on engaged social movement research; and organised Ireland’s first conference on social movements since 1998. I am chercheur associé (research associate) at the Collège d’études mondiales / Fondation maison des sciences de l’homme, Paris and have secured over €75,000 in 9 different social movement-related grants.

I have been a keynote, plenary or invited speaker at CUNY Graduate Center, Harvard’s Berkman Center / MIT Media Lab / Boston College MMRAP, the European University Institute (COSMOS), the Fondation Maison des Sciences de l’Homme / Collège d’Etudes Mondiales, European Solidarity Centre Gdańsk / International Sociological Association, the Transnational Institute Amsterdam / CES, ECPR, ESA social movement networks, the Austrian Study Centre for Peace and Conflict Resolution, the Rosa Luxemburg Foundation Berlin / Networked Politics, the Dialogue of Civilisations Research Institute Berlin, Reykjavík Academy; at the universities of Oslo, Aarhus, Gothenburg (Forum for Civil Society and Social Movement Research), Bergen and Milano-Bicocca; at Ruskin College Oxford, the Centre for the Study of Social and Global Justice at Nottingham University and the Lancaster Institute for Advanced Studies / KnowledgeLab; British Sociological Association plenary, Sociological Association of Ireland plenary and many Irish institutions including Imagine! Belfast Festival of Ideas and Politics, the William Thompson weekend school in Cork, UCD Equality Studies Centre Egalitarian World Initiative and the international Popular Education Network conference at Maynooth.

I have given talks to many different social movement, community and civil society groups including the PianoTerra Lab social centre (Milan), Rød Ungdom (Bergen), the People’s Forum in Erris, Occupy Dame Street, Community Workers Co-op, Latin America Solidarity Centre, Workers Solidarity Movement, Seomra Spraoi and the Grassroots Gathering among others. For five years I co-directed an MA on Community Education, Equality and Social Activism. I run a PhD-level programme of participatory action research in social movement practice and currently mentor two postdoctoral researchers on the Marie Curie / IRC CAROLINE programme of collaboration between universities and civil society organisations.

In my secondary field of Buddhist Studies, I have written primarily on the western encounter with Buddhism in Asia as well as on Buddhism in Ireland and new religious movements. My books in the field include The Irish Buddhist: the Forgotten Monk who Faced Down the British Empire; Buddhism and Ireland; from the Celts to the Counter-Culture and Beyond; A Buddhist Crossroads: Pioneer Western Buddhists and Asian Networks 1860-1960; Ireland’s New Religious Movements; and many journal articles, book chapters and other pieces.

I co-founded the Irish Society for the Academic Study of Religion (ISASR); co-organised Ireland’s first academic conference on new religious movements and ISASR’s second conference; and have twice guest-edited the journal Contemporary Buddhism. I have been an invited speaker to Kyoto University’s Jinbunken Institute, the University of Heidelberg’s “Asia and Europe” cluster of excellence, King’s College London Buddhist Studies Research Seminar, SOAS Centre for the Study of Japanese Religions / Buddhist Forum, Trinity College Long Room Hub, the National Library of Ireland and the National Museum of Ireland among others. The Dhammaloka project, with Prof. Alicia Turner (York U Toronto) and Prof. Brian Bocking (UCC), has attracted over €240,000 in grants from the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada, the Irish Research Council, the Dhammakaya Foundation and York University Toronto.

I have written for or been interviewed by the Chronicle of Higher Education, Discover Society, OpenDemocracy, e-IR, Progress in Political Economy, the BBC, STT (Finland), RTÉ, Newstalk, Dublin City FM, the Irish Times, the Guardian, Klassekampen (Norway), The Ecologist, Resurgence, the Rosa Luxemburg Foundation, ROARmag, Ceasefire, Irish History Compressed and the Religious Studies Project among others about my work.

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