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Kirsty Hanly

Kirsty Hanly is a Coach and Cognitive Hypnotherapy Master Practitioner, teacher, writer and speaker.

Kirsty Hanly Hypnotherapy

She works with individuals from all walks of life who want to be turned on to what it is to live inspired to make a positive impact on the world. Using Cognitive Hypnotherapy, Kirsty is also a specialist in working with stress and anxiety conditions and in helping people release the unconscious blocks that hold them back from living to their full capacity and potential.

Kirsty originally trained at the Quest Insitute in London and is a founder member of 4PC, a curated mastermind group of 25 of the world’s leading coaches, with renowned coach Rich Litvin in Los Angeles. She writes regularly for the Huffington Post and has previously been invited to speak at TEDx in London.

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