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Hannah Bowman


Hannah Bowman

Hannah has worked in a number of grassroots community organisations for the past 8 years, delivering frontline on initiatives while developing organisational structure and policy. She is particularly interested in alternative financing, conscious business and social enterprise and self- managing systems. She has managed the trading subsidiary of a youth violence charity for a number of years while managing operations and delivering on creative projects, and been involved in the development of a CIC women’s group in South London. The power of community, respect and creativity has always been central to Hannah and she always works with compassion and empathy and joy wherever possible. Hannah became ill several years ago and retrained in Hatha yoga, and is a holistic health mentor for people facing burnout and fatigue which she came to through her own health journey. She is most interested in exploring the connections between our nervous systems and inner worlds with shifting communities, stories and environments, creating ecologically minded ways of being which honor both. Hannah also speaks French and is exploring the ways in which language and communication can be used to shift dominant ideologies and influence visioning for our times.

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