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Duncan McCann

Duncan works as a Researcher for the New Economics Foundation (NEF) and is a Fellow at City University.


Duncan McCann

Duncan’s current work focuses on a number of different areas notably rethinking money, looking for solutions to our land and housing crisis, the future of work and the need for Social Wealth funds.

On money, Duncan works on creating a better understanding of national money systems and how they could be reformed, as well as building the knowledge around community and local currencies and working with communities to develop them. Prior to working at NEF Duncan worked for 2 years with Positive Money, a campaign group seeking to reform money.

Duncan is the co-author of the book People Powered Money and last year he published the proposal for a national complementary currency for Scotland called ScotPound. Duncan is also an expert on E-waste and sits on the steering committee of the UN lead Solving the E-waste problem.

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