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Charlotte Pulver

Charlotte Pulver at the heart of things is a modern day alchemist and change maker; being born into the Pulver lineage of apothecarians.

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Charlotte Pulver has a background in natural healthcare, studying and practising various medical systems of healing for 20+ years specialising in women’s healthcare and mental health. Her love is rooted in making medicines for people which she sells through ‘Pulver’s Apothecary’.

She has been hosting water ceremonies and pilgrimages for many years for London’s communities and around the world; currently writing a book on London’s springs and wells, and helped co-found The Fellowship of the Spring, a group championing water guardianship in the British Isles.

Her healing path is very much rooted in the Yew mysteries and waters of the British Isle’s. For the Yew and waters are deeply connected in their relationship together on this planet and within the deep ancestral lore of these ancient wisdom keepers.

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