Ayeisha Thomas-Smith, New Economy Organisers Network (NEON)


Ayeisha Thomas-Smith, New Economy Organisers Network (NEON)

Ayeisha Thomas-Smith is a Senior Training Organiser at the New Economy Organisers Network, and lead on designing and developing the Movement Builders course.


NEON Ayeisha Thomas-Smith

She’s also the co-founder of KIN – a UK wide network for black activists, educators and campaigners. She has previously worked on political strategy and campaigns with Compass, on peace and dialogue in Israel/Palestine with the Oxford Research Group, and coordinated campaigns and project around migration. Ayeisha is a black feminist committed to thinking through what it takes to build resilient, effective social movements to make change happen and centres anti-oppression, decoloniality and intersectionality in her approach to training. She also teaches a Basic Beyonce dance class – all levels welcome!

NEON is a network of over 650 UK organisers from different trade unions, grassroots groups, non-governmental organisations (NGOs), faith-based campaigns, political parties, civil society groups and movements from across the country. We run powerful trainings and support campaigns to help progressives win social, economic and environmental justice.

NEON builds the power of movements for social and economic justice.

From climate change to poverty, and migrants’ rights to the housing crisis, we believe that many of the biggest challenges of our time stem from the same structural problems in our economy. Currently we have an economic system which drives inequality, poverty and environmental destruction. NEON supports people working to bring about an economy and society that instead:

prioritises human need
ends poverty and creates a much more equal society
ends racism and discrimination
looks after the planet that we and future generations depend on.
By supporting each other’s struggles and learning new ways to act together, and respecting our differences, we build powerful movements that win.

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