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Alex Nunn

Head of Movement building at Action for Happiness.

Alex Nunn

Alex Nunn is a communicator, facilitator and movement builder who cares deeply about happiness and social change. He has worked with Action for Happiness, the worldwide movement for a happier and more caring society since 2014, and currently leads the flagship Exploring What Matters programme - bringing people together in communities to tune-in, connect and take action.

Growing up in precarious circumstances Alex had his social-change spark ignited at an early age, working in campaigning and political communications before an ‘ah-ha’ moment led him to investigate initiatives leveraging positive emotional states for good (i.e. let’s contribute positively to solutions, not just struggle against problems).

Alex is also a practising Buddhist, student of Vietnamese Zen master and peace activist Thich Nhat Hanh and an active member of the connected international youth movement Wake Up.

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