The Call of the Wild Feminine — Advaya

The Call of the Wild Feminine

An online course exploring the wild feminine.

The Call of the Wild Feminine, With Alexandra Pope, Minna Salami, Anne Baring, Jean Shinoda Bolen, Jetsunma Tenzin Palmo, Carmen Vicente, Sharon Blackie, Susun Weed, Tammi Lynn Kent, Yeye Luisah Teish & more.

After centuries of suppression, the voice of the feminine in its diverse forms and expressions is demanding to be heard again.

This shift in consciousness from the dominant masculine to a balance between the two energies, as well as beyond that binary, has long been predicted as part of the solution to the chaos our planet currently faces.

Such a transformation will beckon a new paradigm where dominance over the natural world is replaced by a recognition of the connection of all living things, while at the same time recognising the importance of such qualities as instinct, trust, nurture, creativity, and other forms of power left out of wider cultural conversations.

Over 12 weeks you will hear from prominent authors and activists; amongst them inspirational matriarchs, Anne Baring and Jean Shinoda Bolen, indigenous leaders, Elizabeth Kerekere and Carmen Vicente, prominent healers, Yeye Luisah Teish and Susun Weed, and well-known workshop practitioners, Jewels Wingfield and Chloe Goodchild, among many other incredible speakers and teachers.

Each week, a new speaker will introduce us to a different aspect of the feminine and take us on a journey to hear more about the violent history that kept women silent for centuries, from the brutal takeover of Christianity to the horror of the witch-trials, to female infanticide and FGM, and finally to the violence that continues against both women and the feminine spirit today. We will also be collectively inquiring into contemporary issues around the feminine, in particular the ‘wild feminine’, and what we might mean when we say ‘the feminine’ in the context of gender liberation.

As well as a weekly 2 hour session, there will be the opportunity to work in smaller groups to discuss these ideas further, and to learn practical exercises that will help you connect to the feminine in your own way.

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