Spiritual Ecology Study Club — Advaya

Spiritual Ecology Study Club

A monthly space for deepening perspectives and practices in the work of reuniting people, the living world and the sacred.

Spiritual Ecology Study Club

The Spiritual Ecology Study Club is a monthly community space to deepen and develop our perspectives in the work of reuniting people, the living world and the sacred. Over the year, we explore different themes related to spiritual ecology – offering curated study material, facilitated group meetings, and an ongoing online community.

Each month, participants are invited to explore and reflect upon a selection of stories – essays, podcasts and short films – by diverse teachers, authors and artists. The live sessions offer a space to deeply contemplate the material together, share our own stories and perspectives, and think about how to develop the themes in our own work.

This space is for people longing to dive beneath the surface of everyday engagement – and to dedicate the time to learn, think, be inspired and nourished in their practices.

The Study Club is hosted via Mighty Networks, and you can subscribe here.

There will be approximately 1-2 hours of study material offered each month. Each session will be 2 hours long.

Learning Outcomes#

  • Engage in systems-level thinking connecting ecology, spiritual practice, and movements for collective liberation
  • Connect and collaborate with a community of artists, thinkers, feelers, and learners across cultures and geographies
  • Unlearn and decompose the dominant cultural paradigm of patriarchy, hierarchy, individualism, and human supremacy
  • Deepen and develop your own spiritual and creative practices

About the Facilitator#

Priya Subberwal (they/she) is a writer and multimedia artist based in what is currently known as the United States. Their work centers around decolonialism, place-based spirituality, enlivenment, and collective liberation, and is informed by queer and trans liberation movements, Hindusim and Buddhism, intersectional activism, and collaboration with the other-than-human world. They are receiving their Masters in Environmental Studies from the University of Montana, and are the graphic artist and designer at advaya. When not at a desk, Priya can be found in the woods with their dog, talking to trees and conspiring with fungi.

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