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Week 3: Meaning and the Body

Joy and the Body Workshop with Aisha Paris Smith

This is Week 3 of the course Joy and the Body.

Tuesday 29th August 2023, 5:00pm–7:00pm UK Time Zoom

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The body is a place of projection: self-worth, identity, capability. What associations do you have with your body and bodies in general? In this class we’ll explore how you categorise yourself and others, and how to build new associations.

Tuesday 29th August 2023, 5:00pm–7:00pm UK Time Zoom

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Joy and The Body

Course Website: https://advaya.life/courses/joy-and-the-body | Joy and The Body is a six-week course with Aisha Paris Smith to return to the joy of the body, pleasure and the richness of life. A joy-filled, body-centred experience, the course invites you to unblock your body’s pleasure pathways, increase your capacity for joy, and reclaim your personal guidance system towards pleasure. You will bring care and attention to your body with safety, self-awareness and somatic fluency. Together with other participants, you will connect with your body, in a supportive environment. Each week, you will explore body-based practices, encounter facilitated learning, experience group body poems, grounding, reflections, and more, and observe the openings, shifts, and releases they facilitate. The course runs from 15 August to 26 September, on Tuesdays, 5–7pm UK.

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Aisha Paris Smith #

Aisha is a life coach, sexological bodyworker and teacher committed to creating a community that works through one to one leadership and guidance. She has dedicated herself to learning and offering embodied healing that focuses on integrating all parts of ourselves, including the shadow, so that we may each have a greater sense of who we are, where our individual purpose and pleasure lies and how to create a life that we love.

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