Week 5: Beyond the binary code: Rebuilding the commons

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Week 5: Beyond the Binary Code: Rebuilding the Commons

The Digital Age Talk with Manish Jain, Nathalie Nahai

This is Week 5 of advaya’s course: The Digital Age, hosted and curated by Nathalie Nahai.

Monday 8th May 2023, 5:00pm–7:00pm UK Time Zoom

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In this session, we explore a world of commons: where resources are managed together, where we are all stewards, all stakeholders. How can we resist the idea that Silicon Valley algorithms know better? How do we rewrite the rules? How can we revalue diversity and the local? How could technology mirror ecology? We hear from experts who are building infrastructure to take back the commons and generate capacity towards a fundamental transformation of the digital age. We also explore what a diverse education system might mean, and how important it is to unlearn many of the realities we have come to believe as our only option.

Monday 8th May 2023, 5:00pm–7:00pm UK Time Zoom

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The Digital Age

Course Website: https://www.digitalage-course.com/ | A 6-week, multi-teacher, live online course that takes a critical and in-depth look at where we find ourselves to better understand the lines along which power is operating in this age. Curated and hosted by Nathalie Nahai.

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Manish Jain #

Manish is deeply committed to regenerating our diverse local knowledge systems, cultural imaginations, and inter-cultural dialogue. Inspired by MK Gandhi, Rabindranath Tagore, Ivan Illich, his illiterate village grandmother, his unschooled daughter, indigenous communities, and Jain spiritual philosophy, he is one of the leading planetary voices for deschooling our lives.

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Nathalie Nahai #

Nathalie Nahai is an author, keynote speaker and host of The Hive Podcast, a series that enquires into our relationship with one another, with technology and with the living world. With a diverse background in human behaviour, persuasive tech and the arts, Nathalie brings a unique vantage point from which to examine the complex challenges we face today.

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