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Week 4: Who Am I? Sovereignty in the Digital Age

The Digital Age Talk with Ayishat Akanbi, Nathalie Nahai

This is Week 4 of advaya’s course: The Digital Age, hosted and curated by Nathalie Nahai.

Monday 1st May 2023, 5:00pm–7:00pm UK Time Zoom

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This session dives into the fascinating world of self, identity and personhood, and how they are being influenced and shaped by emerging technologies. What do these systems have to gain from reaching into our identities and relationships? What is the currency in the digital age, if not exactly money? What is the price we are paying for being online for “free”, and what do they stand to earn? What happens to us when we become “users” rather than persons, and how does that subsequently reframe how we see the world around us, and how we’re embedded within it? In this session, we explore all these themes with fellow humans who have studied culture and technology, and the intersections of the two, to paint us a picture of what’s really happening to our minds.

Monday 1st May 2023, 5:00pm–7:00pm UK Time Zoom

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The Digital Age

Course Website: https://www.digitalage-course.com/ | A 6-week, multi-teacher, live online course that takes a critical and in-depth look at where we find ourselves to better understand the lines along which power is operating in this age. Curated and hosted by Nathalie Nahai.

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Ayishat Akanbi #

Ayishat Akanbi is a fashion stylist and writer based in London. Ayishat’s writing positions her as a cultural commentator, motivated by a strong belief in the value of open conversation and looking beyond echo chambers. She most often speaks on the ever-shifting cultural and social landscape, particularly around identity-based narratives and their potential limitations, always in an effort to combat division, extremism, and polarisation.

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Nathalie Nahai #

Nathalie Nahai is an author, keynote speaker and host of The Hive Podcast, a series that enquires into our relationship with one another, with technology and with the living world. With a diverse background in human behaviour, persuasive tech and the arts, Nathalie brings a unique vantage point from which to examine the complex challenges we face today.

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