Week 3: In a Time with No Fathers: Forging Intiatatory Pathways

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Week 3: In a Time With No Fathers: Forging Intiatatory Pathways

Re-storying Masculinity Online Event with Ian MacKenzie, Jhaimy Alvarez-Acosta

This is Week 3 of advaya’s course: restorying-masculinity, convened by Ian MacKenzie.

Tuesday 28th March 2023, 6:00pm–8:00pm UK Time Zoom

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In a Time with No Fathers: Forging Intiatatory Pathways#

A culture needs fathers, as much as it needs fathering. Unfortunately, we are in a cultural moment where we have been robbed of both.

What does it mean to father a culture, and how can we, regardless of where we are on the spectrum of masculinity, participate in this fathering? In this module, we explore the role of culture and community in providing initiatory pathways towards growing up masculine, and/or into men. What happens when there are few initiated men, and an absence of holding? Attempts to reconstruct rites of passage are operating within this crater, and can remain stuck in its fundamental limitations.

How might we collaboratively, life-givingly, initiate and liberate generational men’s work? We explore how we come together in various holding spaces, men’s circles, and communities in which generational work is done. Gathering from our learnings from the opening module, we interrogate the interpersonal in communal contexts, to see how the loss of a fathering culture impacts how we come together to parent men, and how we may do this work better.

Tuesday 28th March 2023, 6:00pm–8:00pm UK Time Zoom

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re-storying masculinity

Course Website: https://www.restorying-masculinity.com/ | A 6-week, multi-teacher, live online course exploring how we can reroute and reroot masculinity into a paradigm of serving and regenerating life, and embark on this journey of restorying, convened by Ian MacKenzie.

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Ian MacKenzie #

Ian MacKenzie is a filmmaker and writer who lives on the Salish Sea with his partner and young son. For over 12 years, he’s been tracking the global emergence of new culture. From the desert of Burning Man to the heart of Occupy Wall St, he has sought and amplified the voices of visionaries, artists and activists who have been working toward planetary system change. He is most known for his films Sacred Economics, Amplify Her, Occupy Love, and Lost Nation Road. He has studied with Stephen Jenkinson at the Orphan Wisdom School since 2012, and Tamera Healing Biotope since 2015. In 2019, he founded The Mythic Masculine podcast and in 2020 he launched A Gathering of Stories.

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Jhaimy Alvarez-Acosta #

Jhaimy is a Traditional Curandero (Healer) from Cusco, Peru, who has been trained in the Wisdom Teachings of the Andes. Jhaimy began this path at a young age as an apprentice to his Traditional Elders and has walked the committed path of a Wisdomkeeper for over 30 years.

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