Week 1: An Islander Adrift on a Continent & Clear Mind Wild Heart

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Week 1: An Islander Adrift on a Continent & Clear Mind Wild Heart

KINSHIP: World as Archipelago Online Event with Leny Strobel, David Whyte

This is Week 1 of advaya’s course: KINSHIP: World as Archipelago curated by Hannah Close.

Tuesday 31st January 2023, 6:00pm–8:00pm UK Time Zoom

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An Islander Adrift on a Continent, with Leny Strobel#

The mapmakers say that the world is made up of Islands and Continents. Today’s islands were, once upon a time, connected to larger land masses. The geologic movement of continental shelves and climate changes over millions of years speak to me today of a sense of Time that wants to interrupt my modern mind. As an Islander adrift on a continent called Turtle Island, I am slowly awakening and wanting to be liberated from the conditioning of a Modernity that demands that Time be controlled and parceled into pieces and be in sync with machines and rhythms that refuse to stay grounded and rooted in Place.

Many indigenous peoples who know in their bones what it means to be rooted in Place are now, like me, also adrift in the “elsewhere”. We are diasporic. We are scattered. I come from 7000+ islands known as the Philippine archipelago that were once connected to the Sunda and Wallacea shelf until the rise and fall of sea levels over geologic Time created our islands. We were severed from our Austronesian kin; today we speak over a thousand languages that are all related but almost unintelligible to us.

Western Colonization and empire-building came to our shores 500 years ago and after the genocide, after the stealing of lands, peoples, spices, gold, and silver; after the scattering of the pieces of ourselves, we are again hearing the call to return Home. Home is not a metaphor. Home is a Place. Home is an Archipelago. But can Home also be a Memory? A Vision of an Indigenous Future we would all want to live in? Can we live in Kapwa* Time where the past, present, and future live in our long bodies? *This Filipino concept refers to “You and I are One. In Kapwa there is no Other.”

Clear Mind Wild Heart: Finding Courage, Clarity and Kinship Through Poetry, with David Whyte#

At the core of poetry is the act of catching up with ourselves. Speaking out, we make conscious what until now has been hidden inside us and so join the world in conversation again. Courageous speech enables us to unfreeze our lives, to move on emboldened for the next step, to be a part of flowing forces that a moment before seemed frightening to our formerly static sense of self. Through the robust vulnerabilities of poetry, we become a self more equal to the world – more present, ready for right action and with an edge of generous wildness that our social world finds hard to entrap.

Tuesday 31st January 2023, 6:00pm–8:00pm UK Time Zoom

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KINSHIP: World as Archipelago

Course Website: https://www.kinship-course.com/ | A 6-week, multi-teacher, live online course exploring community, relationality and belonging in a world of islands, curated by advaya Lead Curator Hannah Close.

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Leny Strobel #

Leny Strobel is a Kapampangan from Central Luzon in the Philippines. She is currently a settler on Wappo, Pomo, and Coast Miwok lands. Leny is a Founding Elder at the Center for Babaylan Studies and a Professor Emerita in American Multicultural Studies at Sonoma State University. Leny is the author of the book Coming Full Circle: The Process of Decolonization Among Post-1965 Filipino Americans.

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David Whyte #

David is an internationally renowned poet and author. Behind these talents lies a very physical attempt to give voice to the wellsprings of human identity, human striving and, most difficult of all, the possibilities for human happiness. He makes his home in the Pacific Northwest, where rain and changeable skies remind him of the other, more distant homes from which he comes: Yorkshire, Wales and Ireland. He speaks to the suffering and joy that accompany revelation, and the necessity of belonging to families, people and places.

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