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Land and Public Space

Women & Power: An Online Course Talk with Sylvia V. Linsteadt

This is part of advaya’s course Women & Power: Reclaiming & Reimagining Power in the World Today.

Wednesday 9th November 2022, 7:00pm–9:00pm UK Time Zoom

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Traditionally dominant paradigms of power have involved extractive, disconnected, inanimate relationships with the land, in part also because the land, “Mother Earth”, has been frequently gendered as feminine. Within new understandings of power, how can our relationship with land change too? What are alternative, whether new or historical and ancestral, ways of situating and embedding ourselves in land? How do we redefine our relationship to and with the ecosystems, spaces, and communities we are inhabiting?

Wednesday 9th November 2022, 7:00pm–9:00pm UK Time Zoom

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Women & Power: An Online Course

Course Website: /// A unique online course. How can we redefine narratives of domination and create new cultures of power grounded in interdependence and liberation?

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Sylvia V. Linsteadt #

Sylvia V. Linsteadt is a novelist, poet, scholar of ancient history, animal tracker, and artist. Her work—both fiction and non-fiction—is rooted in myth, ecology, feminism & bioregionalism, and is devoted to broadening our human stories to include the voices of the living land.

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