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Kinship Is a Verb

KINSHIP: An Online Course Talk with Gavin Van Horn

Kinship is a doing, being, and feeling word. It is not a noun. When we embody what we have learned, might we be “kinning”? Of course, it is so much more than a word - so what might we do now? How can we put into practice our collectively cultivated insight and reconceptions of kinship in the context of modernity?

Tuesday 3rd May 2022, 5:45pm–7:30pm UK Time Zoom via Mighty Network platform

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This course is part of Week 8 of the KINSHIP Online Course. In Week 8, we dive into Being & Becoming Kin.

We will begin to draw the course to a close by asking, what next? How can we practise kinship in our own lives? How might we be able to help our communities, and those we don’t belong to?

We will look at how we can reconceive kinship in the context of modernity. After all these discussions and explorations, how have our notions of kinship blossomed? What can we embody going forward?

Tuesday 3rd May 2022, 5:45pm–7:30pm UK Time Zoom via Mighty Network platform

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KINSHIP: An Online Course

Course Website: /// KINSHIP is an exploration into being together in a time when being apart has fractured our relationship to self, other, and the more-than-human in ways that have left us painfully adrift. It is a timely collective inquiry into how community, relationality, and belonging can revitalise our sense of aliveness as creatures of and participants in this animate earth, and how such a renewal might influence our actions towards greater flourishing.

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Gavin Van Horn #

Gavin is Executive Editor at the Center for Humans & Nature. His writing is an entangled in ongoing conversation between humans, our nonhuman kin, & the animate landscape. He is the co-editor, with Robin Wall Kimmerer & John Hausdoerffer, of the five-volume series, Kinship: Belonging in a World of Relations, & the author of The Way of Coyote: Shared Journeys in the Urban Wilds. Gavin currently resides in the ancestral lands of the Chumash people in San Luis Obispo, California.

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