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Ritual Reparations & “Commemorative Justice”

KINSHIP: An Online Course Talk with Brontë Velez, Justine Epstein

brontë & Justine will discuss their respective work and collaborations at the intersections of rite of passage, ceremony/ritual, ancestral recovery and “commemorative justice” (Free Egunfemi) in the midst of climate collapse. Engaging a re-historicisation of how we arrived to climate collapse, they will explore the “plantationocene” (Donna Haraway, Anna Tsing) versus the anthropocene and how reframing the epoch we are in changes how we are asked to respond. Wading through the spiritual and ancestral implications of climate collapse, they will ask: What are our respective inheritances across difference? What does our liberation have to do with one another’s and the more-than-human world? What has not been recovered? What has yet to be commemorated? What are the hauntings that live between us and in place? What does relational and ritual reparations look like between communities that are descendants of enslavement/indigenous genocide/displacement and descendants of enslavers and colonisers that accrued wealth through that harm? How does approaching climate collapse through ceremony help us get free together through radical kinship?

Tuesday 22nd March 2022, 6:00pm–9:00pm UK Time Zoom via Mighty Network platform

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This course is part of Week 2 of the KINSHIP Online Course. In Week 2, we dive into The Politics of Relationship.

This week we will look at how relationship is inherently political. We will explore how certain relationships are conditional, and how relationships can serve, extract, build and take “value”. We are interested in the question: “who do we (really) mean when we say “we”? As collective action is called for - who is called to take action? Who in included/excluded? Does kinship bring with it a sense of responsibility for the “other”? Does the “other” necessarily imply “othering”, or can we view the “other” as crucial to relationship itself?

Tuesday 22nd March 2022, 6:00pm–9:00pm UK Time Zoom via Mighty Network platform

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KINSHIP: An Online Course

Course Website: http://kinshipcourse.com /// KINSHIP is an exploration into being together in a time when being apart has fractured our relationship to self, other, and the more-than-human in ways that have left us painfully adrift. It is a timely collective inquiry into how community, relationality, and belonging can revitalise our sense of aliveness as creatures of and participants in this animate earth, and how such a renewal might influence our actions towards greater flourishing.

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Brontë Velez #

Brontë is guided by the call that “black wellness is the antithesis to state violence” (Mark Anthony Johnson).

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Justine Epstein #

Justine (she/her) is a lover of birds & all things wild, a student of water & love, a community activist, council carrier, & rites of passage guide-in-training. She serves on the Core Teams of Walking Water and Education for Racial Equity has trained with the School of Lost Borders and Tamera Healing Biotope 1 and is a member of Beyond Boundaries. She carries and offers practices and skills that strengthen our capacities to show up with open hearts and courageous bodes during these uncertain times on planet earth.

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