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A Story of Kinship

KINSHIP: An Online Course Talk with Charlotte Du Cann

Charlotte will share with us a story of kinship in which we we must “go down” to seek the answers, instead of “going up”. This session will focus on the four tasks of Psyche, which revolve around cultivating kinship with the kingdoms of insect, plant, bird, sky, and rock. We will explore how myth and ancestral story shows us how to align ourselves with the forces of the planet. If we don’t learn to speak with other-than-human life, we are not going to be able to transform ourselves into the kinds of people who can weather the storm and create a culture for the future.

Tuesday 15th March 2022, 6:00pm–8:30pm UK Time Zoom via Mighty Network platform

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This course is part of Week 1 of the KINSHIP Online Course. In Week 1, we ask Why Kinship?

The purpose of these sessions are to frame our collective predicament(s) through the lens of relationship. How have our ways of relating created destruction? Where have we been separated from reality and from each other? Why does the “crisis of relationship” matter?

We will focus on the on the loss of belonging which sits at the core of many of the crises we face. We want to understand why belonging is integral to life, to the way we relate, and to how we flourish as human (and more-than human) beings. We will explore how kinship as a form of relationship and belonging is crucial during these times of unravelling.

Tuesday 15th March 2022, 6:00pm–8:30pm UK Time Zoom via Mighty Network platform

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KINSHIP: An Online Course

Course Website: http://kinshipcourse.com /// KINSHIP is an exploration into being together in a time when being apart has fractured our relationship to self, other, and the more-than-human in ways that have left us painfully adrift. It is a timely collective inquiry into how community, relationality, and belonging can revitalise our sense of aliveness as creatures of and participants in this animate earth, and how such a renewal might influence our actions towards greater flourishing.

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Charlotte Du Cann #

Charlotte is a writer, editor & co-director of the Dark Mountain Project. A former journalist, she has co-founded several collaborative writing projects to foster radical cultural change, including the grassroots newspaper, Transition Free Press. Her most recent book, 52 Flowers That Shook My World – A Radical Return to Earth, was published by Two Ravens Press. She currently creates performances & written work that explore myth as a tool for navigating times of collapse.

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