The Call of the Wild Feminine: Month 2 — Advaya

Monday 25th October to Tuesday 16th November, 2021 Online Event

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The Call of the Wild Feminine, With Alexandra Pope, Minna Salami, Anne Baring, Jean Shinoda Bolen, Jetsunma Tenzin Palmo, Carmen Vicente, Sharon Blackie, Susun Weed, Tammi Lynn Kent, Yeye Luisah Teish & more.

This is part of the 12 week program The Call of The Wild Feminine, a course in reclaiming the ways of the wild and sacred feminine, embodying feminine leadership, and connecting with our innate capacity to heal, transform and create.⁠⁠

During the 3 months, you are invited to discover, inquire into, and connect with the feminine through your unique lens, and learn from an incredible array of indigenous leaders, inspirational matriarchs, authors, artists, and activists.⁠⁠


✦ Embracing the Body#

Tueday, 26th October
with Alexandra Pope, Sjane Hugo Wurlitzer, Tammi Lynn Kent & Efu Nyaki

Alexandra and Sjanie, co-founders of Red School and authors of Wild Power, have spent years developing a radical new approach to help women step into their vitality, creativity and leadership potential.

The key, they say, is rooted in the inner intelligence of the menstrual cycle which will eventually lead to the great awakening of menopause. In their talk they explore how your menstrual cycle is your ultimate guide to belonging, connection and trust in challenging times.

We will also hear from physical therapist, Tami Lynn Kent - aka the vagina whisperer - who helps women move on from shame and trauma to activate the energy in their bodies and reclaim the wild in themselves.

We are also joined by Efu Nyaki. Efu is a Faculty Member of Somatic Experiencing, and a Professor of Family Constellation System Therapy by Hellinger Institute.

This session will be hosted by Francesca.

✦ The Feminine Power to Create and Nurture#

Tuesday, 2nd November
with Fiona Shaw, Amisha Ghadiali & Leilani Birely

One of the great gifts of the feminine is creativity and the ability to nurture what has already been created. In this session, we hear from midwife and doula, Fiona Shaw, who works alongside women in the birthing process, enabling them to be more present and connected.

Leilani Birely will also be joining us this week. Leilani is a Hawaiian Priestess and ceremonialist whose own journey into the sacred feminine started with the birth of her daughter. She says “As a feminist, I thought that career, education and success reflected in the “outer” male dominated world was more desirable. How humbled I was to learn that being a mother is the hardest job there is, and yes, the most potently powerful!”

We are also joined by Amisha Ghadiali, facilitator and host of the globally acclaimed podcast ‘The Future Is Beautiful’. Amisha’s talk will be on ‘The Feminine Power of Intuition’. Intuition connects us to this special ability to bring into form new and ancient information. This can come into life through our art and creativity as we birth and nurture visions into this world.

This session will be hosted by Amrita, and will run 30 mins longer.

✦ Finding Your Voice as a Feminine Leader#

Tuesday, 9th November
with Indra Adnan & Jewels Wingfield

Writer, psychotherapist and political entrepreneur, Indra Adnan is an advocate of the power that the feminine can bring to leadership, particularly within the political sphere. Indra’s talk will be on ‘The Feminisation of Politics’.

We are also joined by activist and facilitator, Jewels Wingfield, who believes that feminine leadership is intrinsically linked to our sexuality. Jewel’s talk will be on ‘Womb Based Feminine Leadership’.

What does it mean to lead from the feminine principle? How do we do that in a world that is still not quite transformed from the old system of patriarchy? Where and how does sexuality fit into this and why is it needed?

This session will be hosted by Francesca.

✦ Honouring the Ancestors#

Tuesday, 16th November
with Carmen Vicente & Angharad Wynne

This week we are joined by Carmen Vicente (Carmita), a revered Medicine Woman who has been sharing indigenous wisdom traditions around the globe for over 30 years.

We are also joined by Angharad Wynne, a published author and poet. Angharad is also a storyteller who uses story as the starting point for deep inquiry and a source of timeless wisdom and healing.

This session will be hosted by Amrita.

This week we will gather for an additional discussion session on Thursday 18th November at 7pm BST to discuss thoughts and ideas, and to share what has come up for us during this month’s exploration of the feminine.

Monday 25th October to Tuesday 16th November, 2021 Online Event

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The Call of the Wild Feminine

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Alexandra Pope & Sjanie Hugo Wurlitzer #

Founders of The Red School

Read Alexandra Pope & Sjanie Hugo Wurlitzer’s profile

Tami Lynn Kent #

Tami Lynn Kent is a holistic women’s healthcare provider.

Read Tami Lynn Kent’s profile

Fiona Shaw #

Fiona Shaw is initiated as a Medicine woman in the Red Path tradition.

Read Fiona Shaw’s profile

Leilani Birely #

Leilani Birely is a Native Hawaiian Kahuna.

Read Leilani Birely’s profile

Indra Adnan #

Indra Adnan is a writer, psycho-social therapist and political entrepreneur.

Read Indra Adnan’s profile

Carmen Vicente #

Carmen Vicente is a revered medicine woman from Ecuador.

Read Carmen Vicente’s profile

Angharad Wynne #

A published author and poet, Angharad is also a storyteller who uses story as the starting point for deep enquiry and a source of timeless wisdom and healing.

Read Angharad Wynne’s profile

Jewels Wingfield #

Jewels is the founder and director of Living Love and the creator of the EarthHeart vision in the Forest of Dean.

Read Jewels Wingfield’s profile

Sister Euphrasia (Efu) Nyaki #

Sister Euphrasia (Efu) Nyaki is a psychotherapist offering alternative forms of preventative health care and holistic healing to adult and adolescent women and their impoverished communities in northern Brazil.

Read Sister Euphrasia (Efu) Nyaki’s profile

Amisha Ghadiali #

Amisha Ghadiali is a facilitator and co-creator of the globally acclaimed podcast ‘The Future Is Beautiful’.

Read Amisha Ghadiali’s profile