The Call of the Wild Feminine: Month 1 — Advaya

Tuesday 28th September to Monday 18th October, 2021 Online Event

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The Call of the Wild Feminine, With Alexandra Pope, Minna Salami, Anne Baring, Jean Shinoda Bolen, Jetsunma Tenzin Palmo, Carmen Vicente, Sharon Blackie, Susun Weed, Tammi Lynn Kent, Yeye Luisah Teish & more.

This is part of the 12 week program The Call of The Wild Feminine, a course in reclaiming the ways of the wild and sacred feminine, embodying feminine leadership, and connecting with our innate capacity to heal, transform and create.⁠⁠

During the 3 months, you are invited to discover, inquire into, and connect with the feminine through your unique lens, and learn from an incredible array of indigenous leaders, inspirational matriarchs, authors, artists, and activists.⁠⁠


✦ What is the feminine principle and how is it a vision for a better future?⁠⁠#

with Anne Baring & Liz Childs Kelly
Tueday, 28th September⁠⁠

This week we will hear from Jungian analyst and renowned author, Anne Baring.

Anne’s talk will give a historical overview of the causes of the loss of woman’s voice, beginning with what she has called the Lunar Era that was ruled by the Great Mother, then moving into the Solar Era, ruled by the Great Father.

We are also joined by Liz Childs Kelly, a writer and researcher of the Sacred Feminine, which she calls an ancient spiritual force older than time itself.

Liz’s talk will be about ‘Coming Home to Her’ - Who, exactly, is the Sacred Feminine, and how can we begin knowing and experiencing Her wisdom?

This session will be hosted by Francesca & Amrita, and will run 15 mins longer.

✦ The Suppression of the Feminine through History⁠⁠#

with Max Dashu, Lina AbiRafeh & Lyla June Johnston
Tuesday, 5th October⁠⁠

This week, feminist historian Max Dashu will give a talk on ‘Releasing Goddess Wisdom from a History of Suppression’. We will delve further into legacies of the female Divine that were ripped away from us in patriarchal history, and how that was accomplished.

Lyla June Johnston, an Indigenous public speaker, artist, scholar, will also be joining us this week. Lyla will be talking about ‘The Method, Importance and Effect of Ending “Rape Culture”, and will discuss the ways in which rape has crippled civilisations and has been leveraged as a war tactic. Speaking from her own healing process, Lyla will discuss ways in which we can understand the nature of rape culture in order to end it. She will also discuss why this is important from an Indigenous perspective and how it could help make the world better and safer for future generations.

We are also joined by Lina Abirafeh, a global women’s rights expert and Executive Director of the Arab Institute for Women at the Lebanese American University.

This session will be hosted by Amrita, and will run 30 mins longer.

✦ Feminine Mythology: Archetypes, Goddesses and Queens⁠⁠#

with Nwando Achebe & Jean Shinoda Bolen
Tuesday, 12th October⁠⁠

Archetypes have the ability to connect us to our inner power and help us strengthen who we really are, whether we’re calling on our wise woman energies in our role as mother or grandmother, or our inner goddess to express our creative energy or lead an important cause.

We’re joined this week by Jean Shinoda Bolen, a psychiatrist, Jungian analyst, and author, as well as Nwando Achebe, a Nigerian-American academic, feminist scholar, and multi-award-winning historian.

This session will be hosted by Francesca.

✦ A Balance Between the Masculine & Feminine⁠⁠#

with Pat McCabe, Sarah Poet & Elizabeth Kerekere
Tuesday, 18th October⁠⁠

This week we hear from Pat McCabe (Woman Stands Shining), a northern New Mexico-based mother of five. A Life-Bringer, Life-Bearer, Mother, writer, artist, activist, speaker, her work is driven by the study of the Science of Right Relations.

We are also joined by coach and healer, Sarah Poet, who will talk about ‘Loving the Masculine: the Sacred Feminine Heart’. A woman’s relationship to the sacred masculine is just as important as her relationship to the sacred feminine. Women ache to know the true masculine - one that is not “power-over” dominant.

We are then joined by Dr Elizabeth Kerekere, a New Zealand politician and LGBTQ+ activist and scholar. Of Māori descent, she affiliates to Te Whānau a Kai, Te Aitanga-a-Māhaki, Rongowhakaata, Ngāi Tāmanuhiri, and Ngāti Oneone. She is the founder / chair of Tīwhanawhana Trust.

*This session will be hosted by Amrita, and will run 30 mins longer. *

This week we will gather for an additional discussion session on Thursday 21st October at 7pm BST to discuss thoughts and ideas, and to share what has come up for us during this month’s exploration of the feminine.

Tuesday 28th September to Monday 18th October, 2021 Online Event

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The Call of the Wild Feminine

An online course exploring the wild feminine.

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Anne Baring #

Anne Baring is a Jungian analyst and author.

Read Anne Baring’s profile

Liz Childs Kelly #

Liz Childs Kelly is a Sacred Feminine researcher and educator.

Read Liz Childs Kelly’s profile

Max Dashu #

Maxine Hammond Dashu, known professionally as Max Dashu, is an American feminist historian.

Read Max Dashu’s profile

Lina Abirafeh #

Lina Abirafeh is a global women’s rights expert with decades of experience worldwide.

Read Lina Abirafeh’s profile

Lyla June Johnston #

Lyla June is a musician, film maker, writer and speaker is service of collective healing and joy.

Read Lyla June Johnston’s profile

Nwando Achebe #

Nwando Achebe is a Nigerian-American academic & feminist scholar.

Read Nwando Achebe’s profile

Jean Shinoda Bolen #

Jean Shinoda Bolen, M.D. is a psychiatrist, Jungian analyst, and author.

Read Jean Shinoda Bolen’s profile

Sarah Poet #

Sarah Poet is a former school creator turned feminine/masculine integration expert.

Read Sarah Poet’s profile

Elizabeth Kerekere #

Dr Elizabeth Anne Kerekere is a New Zealand politician and LGBTQ+ activist and scholar.

Read Elizabeth Kerekere’s profile

Pat McCabe #

Woman Stands Shining (Pat McCabe), a northern New Mexico-based mother of five.

Read Pat McCabe’s profile