Land Justice: Guardians of the Forest. Bioregion: Tropical Rainforests (South America).

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Land Justice: Guardians of the Forest. Bioregion: Tropical Rainforests (South America).

Guardians of the Forest Online Event with Vanessa Hasson & Adeildo Shawakaya Shawandawa, Aldo Benitez, Yesica Patiachi, Ketty Marcelo, Eliana Champutiz

Traditional forest knowledge for spiritual, ecological and cultural transformation.

Wednesday 14th July to Wednesday 21st July, 2021 Online Event

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How do communities work together to manage and protect soils, plants and forests? How are human-tree relations held together and how does justice guide the process? What can forest carers learn from indigenous wisdoms grounded on biocentric values? We will explore indigenous struggles for land justice in Peru, Paraguay and Brazil.

14 July 2021:

Workshop 1 led by Vanessa Hasson and Adeildo Shawakawa on the rights of the Shawandawa forest people in the river Jurua (Amazon) and the plight of grassroots organisations to advance the rights of nature in Brazil.

Workshop 2 led by Aldo Benitez on environmental journalism in Paraguay, exposing the work of indigenous guardians & park rangers combatting illegal marihuana plantations.

21 July 2021:

Workshop 3 led by Yesica Patiachi, with audio-visual support from Robertho Paredes, on the Harakbut forest people and land justice in times of Covid-19 in Madre de Dios, Peruvian Amazon.

Workshop 4 led by Ketty Marcelo and community of women leaders of the Ashaninka tribe in Pasco, Peruvian Amazon. The theme of this seminar is the reclamation of rights for intercultural medicine and rights to forest living in the context of Covid-19.

Workshop 5 led by Eliana Champutiz aimed at thinking and rethinking the territory, corporality and spirituality linked to guardian feminine energies. Eliana’s work, based on an audiovisual perspective, is grounded on traditional ecological knowledge from the Colombian-Ecuadorian border territory, in the Andean Frailejon Paramo biome.

Wednesday 14th July to Wednesday 21st July, 2021 Online Event

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Guardians of the Forest

A unique online course in somatic, spiritual and practical approaches to forest care with practitioners from communities in 30 nations around the world.

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Vanessa Hasson & Adeildo Shawakaya Shawandawa #

Vanessa is a leading environmental lawyer and advocator based in São Paulo, Brazil, and Adeildo Shawakaya Shawãdawa belongs to the Arara clan, or People of Wisdom, based in the Upper Juruá River in the Brazilian State of Acre.

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Aldo Benitez #

Aldo is an environmental journalist from Asunción, Paraguay.

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Yesica Patiachi #

Yesica Patiachi was born in San José de Karene in the Madre de Dios district, Peruvian Amazon.

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Ketty Marcelo #

Ketty Marcelo is a renowned Asháninka leader, former president of the National Organization of Andean and Amazonian Women of Peru (ONAMIAP).

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Eliana Champutiz #

Eliana Champutiz is a Social Communicator, Audiovisual Producer and Cultural Manager of the Binational Pasto People (Colombia / Ecuador)

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