Ancestral Futures: Guardians of the Forest. Bioregion: Boreal Forests & Southern Rockies.

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Ancestral Futures: Guardians of the Forest. Bioregion: Boreal Forests & Southern Rockies.

Guardians of the Forest Online Event with Andrey Laletin, Natasha Myers, Julia Adzuki, David Abram

Traditional forest knowledge for spiritual, ecological and cultural transformation.

Wednesday 2nd June to Wednesday 9th June, 2021 Online Event

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Ancestral forests and traditions are essential to re-imagining a future where humans and trees can co-habit harmoniously. In what ways does ancestral knowledge inform the way future treescapes are being imagined, specifically in relation to iconic forests such as the great Siberian Forest and the Boreal Forest of Canada? How can scientists, environmentalists and technologists join traditional forest communities to conceive a future where the care and guardianship of forests is secured?

2 June, 2021

Workshop 1 led by Julia Adzuki in Sweden on embodied relationship to trees, resonance with ancient Ash and rituals for environmental grief.

Workshop 2 led by Andrey Laletin will share ways in which the Siberian forest is protected drawing on ancestral practices and traditional ecological knowledge and future initiatives for the guardianship of boreal Treescapes in Eastern Russia.

9 June, 2021

Workshop 3 led by David Abram: ‘A Collective Sentience: Listening and Learning among the Aspen Groves’. Aspen groves are among the largest singular organisms in this breathing biosphere, and easily one of the oldest, their aspen trunks sprouting again and again from an outrageously ancient rhizomal root-complex within the ground underfoot. What are a few insights we can glean from these white-barked and expressive elders with their leaves glinting and whispering in the winds? For some of us they are the most medicinal of all plants.

Workshop 4 led by Natasha Myers will present an affective ecology and the ability of plants to sense, communicate and teach human communities how to live in an age of climate emergency, also drawing on her collaboration with the Indigenous Land Stewardship Circle.

Wednesday 2nd June to Wednesday 9th June, 2021 Online Event

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Guardians of the Forest

A unique online course in somatic, spiritual and practical approaches to forest care with practitioners from communities in 30 nations around the world.

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Andrey Laletin #

Andrey is a leading Russian ecologist and environmental scientist based in Krasnoyarsk, Siberia.

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Natasha Myers #

Natasha is an associate professor in the Department of Anthropology at York University, director of the Plant Studies Collaboratory, convener of the Politics of Evidence Working Group, co-founder of Toronto’s Technoscience Salon, and the Write2Know Project.

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Julia Adzuki #

Julia Adzuki works with transformative processes across the fields of visual, relational, performance and sound art. Her embodied enquiry explores underlying frictions of the human-environmental crisis through the sensuous relation of inner and outer landscapes.

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David Abram #

David Abram is a cultural ecologist and geophilosopher.

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