Regenerative Activism 2021: Building & Sustaining Our Movements

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Regenerative Activism 2021: Building & Sustaining Our Movements

Regenerative Activism Online Event with Lyla June Johnston, Glacier Kwong, Daiara Tukano, Aluna, Kumi Naidoo, Nnimmo Bassey, Joshua Virasami, Peter Steudtner, Laurence Cox, Silje Lundberg & 5 more

An annual conference of dialogues and workshops for radical transformation organised by Ulex Project, Advaya C.I.C and Gita Parihar

Wednesday 24th February to Sunday 21st March, 2021 Zoom

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Regenerative Activism Building Social Movements

Conference Breakdown:

**Dialogue 1:

Facing Repression: Building Movement Resilience#

  • with Ilaj, Laurence Cox & Glacier Kwong
  • Wednesday 24 February 2021

**Dialogue 2:

Routes of Resistance: Narrative, Culture and Power#

  • with and Lyla June Johnston, Joshua Virasami & Emilia Roig.
  • Wednesday 3 March 2021

**Dialogue 3:

Global Movements: Power, Resource and Resilience#

  • with Kumi Naidoo, Nnimmo Bassey and Silje Lundberg
  • Wednesday 10 March 2021

**Dialogue 4:

Psychosocial Practices for Sustaining Our Movements#

  • with Aluna, Peter Steudtner and Daiara Tukano
  • Wednesday 17 March 2021


Regenerative Activism: Building & Sustaining Our Movements**#

  • with Ulex Project
  • Sunday 21 March 2021

To build and sustain powerful and effective movements, we need spaces to learn from each other’s struggles.

The interconnected crises of ecological destruction, failing political legitimacy, and the crumbling façade of the neoliberal order is awakening people to the urgent need to construct more socially just and ecologically wise societies. At the same time, the realignment of neoliberal interests with the far right reminds us that beneath the dysfunctional surface of liberal democracy runs the ever-present possibility of fascism.

Our responses to these challenges hinge on our ability to foster the vision and will to build and sustain majority social movements of scale and diversity. We need to forge the collective agency capable of posing a counter power to economic elites and interests. We need new kinds of movements that integrate ambitious socio-political demands with radical cultural and spiritual renewal.

In this conference, we bring together activists and organisers, thinkers and doers, engaged in diverse social movement practice, to reflect deeply together, to share lived experience, and to increase our collective capacity to build and sustain our movements at this crucial time.

This is the fourth in a series of annual ‘Regenerative Activism’ gatherings convened and hosted by Ulex Project, Advaya C.I.C. and Gita Parihar. This year it will be hosted online, with 4 panel discussions followed by a half-day participatory workshop:

Through the series we will:

  • Bring together activists and organisers, thinkers and doers, engaged in diverse social movement practice, to reflect deeply together, to share lived experience, and to increase our collective capacity to build and sustain our movements at this crucial time.
  • Look for new understanding at the intersection between hard political realities and paradigm shifting insights.
  • Seek to go beyond radical critique to find pathways for radically transformative action.

Wednesday 24th February to Sunday 21st March, 2021 Zoom

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Regenerative Activism

A series of annual conferences in collaboration with Ulex Project exploring activism for radical transformation.

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Lyla June Johnston #

Lyla June is a musician, film maker, writer and speaker is service of collective healing and joy.

Read Lyla June Johnston’s profile

Glacier Kwong #

Glacier Kwong is a political activist from Hong Kong. She is founder of Keyboard Frontline, monitoring privacy abuses and censorship on the Web.

Read Glacier Kwong’s profile

Daiara Tukano #

Daiara Tukano is an indigenous activist, artist and communicator from Amazonas, Brazil

Read Daiara Tukano’s profile

Aluna #

Aluna Acompañamiento Psicosocial is a Mexican civil society organisation created in 2013 by a group of mental health and human rights professionals; it draws from its founder and director’s nearly 30 years of experience in psychosocial work in contexts of violence.

Read Aluna’s profile

Kumi Naidoo #

Kumi Naidoo is a life-long social justice campaigner hailing from South Africa.

Read Kumi Naidoo’s profile

Nnimmo Bassey #

Nnimmo Bassey’s indefatigable work with national and international organisations has turned him into one of Africa’s leading advocates and campaigners for the environment and human rights.

Read Nnimmo Bassey’s profile

Joshua Virasami #

Joshua Virasami is an artist, writer and political organiser whose work intersects across political struggles and whose campaigning sits in a variety of organisations.

Read Joshua Virasami’s profile

Peter Steudtner #

Peter Steudtner is a German trainer, coach, photographer and documentary film maker.

Read Peter Steudtner’s profile

Laurence Cox #

Long-time activist, movement educator, writer and researcher on social movement struggles for a better world.

Read Laurence Cox’s profile

Silje Lundberg #

Silje Lundberg has been working to protect the Lofoten Islands for more than a decade with Young Friends of the Earth (YFoE) Norway.

Read Silje Lundberg’s profile

Gee (Guhyapati) #

Guhyapati has been spearheading a pioneering Eco-Dharma community in the Pyrenees for many years, and wants to see some of the principles of that movement brought to bear in our own lives of practice, giving rise to new projects that will re-shape the personal, economic, political and ecological landscape of the 21st Century.

Read Gee (Guhyapati)’s profile

Ulex Project #

A hub of collaboration, the Ulex Project is run by Col·lectiu Eco-Actiu, a non-profit involved in the design and delivery of residential training since 2008.

Read Ulex Project’s profile

Gita Parihar #

Gita was Head of Legal at Friends of the Earth until July 2016 and has spent 12 years working with and for campaigning organisations, using her skills as a solicitor to bring environmental cases and advise at international negotiations on issues like climate change. This gives her a deep familiarity with the rewards and challenges of environmental activism. Alongside her legal work, Gita is passionate about exploring approaches to saving the planet that sustain us as human beings. Gita is a trustee of the UKYCC and the Climate Justice Fund and currently studying for an MA in Spirituality and Ecology at Schumacher college.

Read Gita Parihar’s profile

Ilaj #

Ilaj is project lead for Ulex’s LGBTQI+ psycho-social resilience and holistic security programme.

Read Ilaj’s profile

Emilia Roig #

Emilia Roig founded the Center for Intersectional Justice in Berlin. She was Project Director at the German Federation of Migrant Women’s Organisations (DaMigra), and taught Intersectionality Theory, Postcolonial Studies and Critical Race Theory at the Humboldt University and the Free University of Berlin, and International and European Law at Jean Moulin University in Lyon.

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