Facing Repression: Building Movement Resilience. Regenerative Activism 2021.

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Facing Repression: Building Movement Resilience. Regenerative Activism 2021.

Regenerative Activism Online Event with Glacier Kwong, Dilar Dirik, Laurence Cox

An annual conference of dialogues and workshops exploring radical transformation. Session 1.

Wednesday 24th February 2021, 7:00pm–9:00pm UK Time Online

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Facing Repression: Building Movement Resilience

As our movements grow and as the faltering neoliberal order tries to salvage its interests through new alignments with the far right and other authoritarian tendencies, activists and our organisations face new threats and forms of attack. We need to better understand the mechanisms of suppression and repression and ways to combat the damage they cause our movements.

In this session we’ll draw on the experience of diverse contemporary movements, as well as looking at some of the lessons we can learn from history. We’ll hear about the challenges faced by pro-democracy organisers in Hong Kong over recent years, as they’ve faced the maneuvering of the state against them and tried to adapt or respond. We’ll explore the experience of LGBTQI+ movements across Central and Eastern Europe facing harsh repression and the new forms of organising they have developed. And we’ll hear how different systems construct consent for repressive violence or find ways to conceal movement suppression within the mechanisms of social reproduction and what this means for our organising.

We will ask:

  • How can we strengthen our ability to respond to threats against our movements?

  • What can we learn about the variety of methods that state and non-state actors use to close down the spaces we work and organise in?

  • What does resilience look like in the face of repressive attacks?

Wednesday 24th February 2021, 7:00pm–9:00pm UK Time Online

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Regenerative Activism

A series of annual conferences in collaboration with Ulex Project exploring activism for radical transformation.

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Glacier Kwong #

Glacier Kwong is a political activist from Hong Kong. She is founder of Keyboard Frontline, monitoring privacy abuses and censorship on the Web.

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Dilar Dirik #

Dilar Dirik works on revolutionary women’s struggles, freedom concepts and radical democracy in Kurdistan

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Laurence Cox #

Long-time activist, movement educator, writer and researcher on social movement struggles for a better world.

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